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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Im gonna say that it is FOR SURE Summoning. People spend loads of GP on geting items for summ. unless they use lamps and other XP Givers. So by the time the player has got level 99 in Summoning, they have barely any cash left for other skills and basic nessecities.
  3. well no1 cared bout template but w/e...thanks alot guyz
  4. Ok, need some help here, again... :wall: What would you reccomend for the BEST LOOK and the BEST STATS Obby or Dragon Shields? !!PLEASE USE THE TEMPLATE BELOW!! Best Look: Shield- Wep- Top/Bottom- Hat- Other- Best Stats: Shield- Wep- Top/Bottom- Hat- Other- THANKS ALOT!!!
  5. \:D/ Ok well it seems like youve got it all sorted out. Need any helop with something else I reccomend talking to an experienced member, following the Tip It guides or going to another site such as runehq. Best of Luck my Fellow Adventurer \:D/
  6. on the way to NYC to do some construction IRL. How wonderful! (its sarcasam noobs...)

  7. ok every1 thanks for all the help. Time To Fish! =P
  8. ok every1 thanks for all the help. Time To Fish MY [wagon] OFF! =P
  9. OK, thanks for the 2 posts so far, I appreciate that. Gona grab a few more then I guess its time to fish away!
  10. Ok, usually I am ALLWAYS giving help to people whp need it, but I need some here. Can anybody tell me, on average, about how long it will take for 99 Fishing, ON MONKS ONLY from Level 63? I AM NOT looking for a guide, but an answer to the question! All Fourm Rules Apply Here!
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