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  1. Was a ton of fun, i got on a bit late but we took over in the second half of the fight. 18 kills 18 deaths Made 9m cause my bank is hurting :wall:
  2. Well, what can I say? This has been the biggest and most anticipated fight I've personally ever been part of. A week ago we set up a week prep fight for today, Saturday June 5th, 2010. We pumped this fight up more than any other fight. The starting of the fight was quite a cluster. Seeing as VR outnumbered us by 40 people, we had a lot of work cut out for us. We went into this fight knowing that it would be an uphill battle. We knew that we had to rely on our stability and dedication to win this fight. The fight started off great for both clans, each trying to clear each others snipers. All of our preparation and hard work payed off. Our RDG tactic to clear VR's snipers worked like a charm. While our snipers were wearing down VR's pile, our main pile was swiftly handling VR's snipers. Eventually, the tide started to turn and we were in the drivers seat of the fight. Once the 5 hour mark was nearing, we knew that we had it in the bag. Our TS was absolutely buzzing. After 6 and a half hours of fighting, VR called it quits with 96 on TS. All I can say is that it's obvious that we wanted this win more than you, and will ALWAYS want it more than you VR. Propaganda and trash talk doesn't win fights, dedication and clan pride does. Shoutout to Santanafan1 & CL for acing. RSD starting: VR Starting: 170 on TS (Confirmed) RSD Ending: VR Ending: 96 on TS (Confirmed) I'm so proud of each and every RSD member present at the end of this fight. From our intro's to our regular members to our retireds, you all did an unreal job tonight. I'm proud I was a part of this boys. Fight ended at 11 Eastern and we ended with 130+ active on Teamspeak. 120+ Starting 6 hours later 130+ Ending Grudge match won sup. We weren't joking when we said ALL NIGHT 11 EST Not sure if i need kill pics but here are a few
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