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  1. Seems like a good solution to the first problem would be for both p and j mods to have the option to turn their 'cut through chat filter' option on or off. This way when they're just having normal conversations with friends or selling items at the GE they can turn it off and not annoy anyone. When they are acting as a mod, policing or organizing community events, they can turn it on and it will have its intended purpose. If they abuse this option, eg using it to spam their clan ads or items for sale, they can be sanctioned in the same way as if they abused their other powers.


    About full ignore lists: Do they really need to stay full? Usually I empty my ignore list every few days, and rarely have to add the same people back to it.


    And about the second article: Another place this frequently happens is the party room. You can pretty much guarantee that the one most valuable item in the chest in multi million gp drops will be claimed to have been gotten by at least 5 people

  2. What I would really like is a faster way in and out of the vinesweeper game. As it is now, you have to click through the text with the farmer each time to collect your flags and buy ogleroots. It would be nice if there were a chest or something just inside the portal where you could store roots and flags, and then just have to talk to the farmer if you need to buy new flags or roots, or if you want money for the extra roots you collected. This is especially annoying because this game is one where you want to pop in and out often to check on your crops.


    This would get me to play vineweeper a lot more often.

  3. While I would not be opposed to a more developed clan system (although not very interested myself), I would not like it to come at the expense of the current clan chat system. With most clans on mmorpgs you can only be a member of one clan at a time. You become labelled as playerX of clan Y. I like in RS that you can easily jump between them, seeing who is online and if there are any interesting discussions happening in any of them, without being tied to any specific one.

  4. I was just running from Argdougne to Yanille and went to grab the two mithril on the way. I started hitting the first mithril rock, and got a stange rock, without clicking I kept mining it, got a gem (ruby I think), and still without clicking kept mining and got my second strange rock, then finally the mithril ore. It was great.

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