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  1. I'm gonna have to unblock those kalphites. Before eoc they were actually the most annoying things ever
  2. I would suggest doing barbarian fishing instead of fly fishing, it's a bit faster :wink: Good luck :)
  3. Also got 86 Slayer and 90 attack, but for some reason I didn't screenshot them...
  4. TODAY AFTER 4 YEARS I MANAGED TO GET THE NAME STRIFE I AM SO HAPPY oh yeah, i got 74 agility and did the quest Land of the Goblins :wink:
  5. Keep forgetting to update this, but yesterday, after like 2-3 years, I did Legends Quest After that I finished up the subquests for Recipe for Disaster, just have to kill the culinaromancer, but I need to do Desert Treasure first. Also got 73 agiltiy.
  6. Happy birthday! :D

  7. Got 90 Prayer and started ports, have no idea what I'm doing, but whatever, i'll learn
  8. Got 88-92 Dung this weekend, probably could have done more but whatever Got my first chaotic this weekend too, the maul, and I finally bought the arcane stream necklace Whilst getting killcount for Sara, I got 94 hp I got 74 rc today too, which I didn't screeny, and I also bought enough d bones for 90 prayer. Hopefully i'll be able to get that before I go on vacation on Thursday
  9. Going to try to get 90 thieving for ports Also, today was the first time I've slayed since the eoc came out, and I have to admit, it's a lot more fun than before
  10. Grats Paperbag Always see you around W91 :P
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