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    I should've worded that better I was more curious about;



    especially due to a few of them currently offering very exploitable mechanics.



    Ah, my bad, I didn't look too much into it. I'm guessing he was referring to some methods that can be used in the wild that are pretty good, like combat brawlers and training dummies, book of Char firemaking, smithing on portable forges, divine locations like yew trees, etc. There's quite a bit.





    People said the same thing 10 years ago too. It's been "dying" ever since I started playing in early 04.


    It doesn't help that the past few years have been the MOST PROFITABLE/BEST REVENUE EVER FOR JAGEX. largest playerbase decrease.


    It's not dying anytime soon.




    They are doing a grade A job at pissing off the players and making it seem like their money/input is being put toward nothing.


    Jagex has to publically report their finances and their turnover has been the highest it's ever been. Ever. Keep in mind they are REQUIRED BY LAW to put these statements out.


    Last year was a pretty minor loss - but they claim that's largely due to a large one-time investment into the Transformers Universe game.



    Once again IVP has turned a company into purely profit driven. Im not saying they are losing money, im saying they are losing credibility and resources. Failing to implement HTML5 was the most eye opening incidence



    HTML5 didn't come out because browsers can't support the technology yet so they're building a native HTML5 game client. Probably where some of those real world trading profits are going, eh? Source.




    No need to get your knickers in a twist.



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  3. iTrolledU is trying too hard to use his $ in order to beat Fors...

    Also, iTrolledU #1 for 100M Slayer/month via micro transactions.




    If you spent half the time you spend criticizing other players on making meaningful posts this topic wouldn't need to be moderated so heavily.


    OT: The forum ignore list that was talked about a few pages back, is that a real thing? How does one enable it?

  4. With Double XP weekend coming up people will be staying up for possibly a few days straight, i was just wondering if anyone here has methods that help staying up for so long.  I want to try and go for a 30 hour record of my own this weekend but idk if i can do it


    I heard meth works well.

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  5. I realize that you are maxed and have nothing else to do besides skill, but WHY OH WHY must you post asking if anyone knows exp/h rates and such when the update has been live for just over 12h.


    Because it pertains to efficiency and the top players who aren't 200m WC yet and who better to ask than the people here instead of some guy with 2k total.

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    200m is the ultimate thing to achieve for people I guess...


    Do any Jmods have any 200m skills or anything to that nature?

    The highest ranked J mod on a normal account has 2b+ exp with 2 200ms.

    I always thought it was common knowledge but I judging by the replies to you, I guess not. :b


    don't be so snarky



    You're like, 2 weeks late on that reply mate.

  7. Any info on div bonus xp


    It was confirmed via Mod Mark's Twitter that there would be no bonus Divination XP until after somebody got 200m XP. If you spent half as much time training Div as you did waiting for bonus XP on it you'd be 99+ already.


    I wouldn't mind runespan nearly as much if it required some more tactics/thought/input.

    Flash Powder Factory


    But obviously it seems nobody really cares about that sort of gameplay if I'm the only one who's developed any really significant strategies there. >.>



    Probably because nobody cares enough to spend 1000 hours to gain the "knowledge and experience" to play a boring mini-game for a boring skill that nobody cares about.

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    The problem with the community is they don't understand it. They are being sugar coated by the Anti RWT/Goldfarmers debate. They think its making things nice and dandy. But no, thats not the case. It will likely only tap their profit down a tiny bit. Bots will still bot. Gold will still be sold at a much cheaper price. Jagex is making the economy swim around and gaining money from it.




    Goldfarmers will continue to farm, and sell at a rate lower than bond/rsgp so it stays cheaper. Who will buy bonds then? Assuming they are targeting this at ppl who RWT



    It's clear from the video that they can detect gold farming and interaction between these accounts (Mod Jacmob has a very eloquent post on the bonds section of the RSOF, I suggest everyone read it) and that in the future they will start banning these accounts and removing the items/gold. I think this update was a way to provide an alternative to buying gold while not banning half their playerbase. I imagine that in a months time we will see massive ban waves hit people that continue to buy gold from farmers as well as the farmers accounts themselves.

  10. Lol at all of you expecting people working for Jagex to be maxed or top players.

    Experience with the game doesn't mean he have to have every 99, what if he's into the lore and doesn't rush the game, people can play the game without treating it like the end of hte world, or a job for that matter, like most top pagers do. He got a job, he develops the game, when he goes home, he probably spends time with family/friends/doing other stuff, and then he considers going on rs to play around with his account. It's his account, don't judge his knowledge by looking at his exp, because there are more things to this game than just getting exp.


    But wait.... clearly your worth in life is determined by your total XP gained on your RuneScape accounts? Surely it is... else my goal of 1b Fishing XP on 5 accounts would all be for naught..

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  11. What do you guys think about doing daily slayer tasks at abbies with the abyss mask. it can save 300 hours i guess getting 200m. its kinda crazy lol, so many friggin dailies its kinda bullshit


    I actually kind of like dailies, gives me something to look forward to doing everyday. Oh man, it's 0:00! Time to log for dailies!

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