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  1. Pretty annoying when it happens, but you have to move on and find something else to substitute the war/event with and take advantage of the pull (if possible), otherwise dismiss and hope it doesn't happen again. If it persists, just don't fight or involve your clan/team with the other.
  2. My last fight with Legendz, Pieter gave us an awesome speech. You guys dominated today, great job. The level of discipline and organization in T0 is superb, you should be very proud of yourselves :thumbup:
  3. These 10v10's are really worth posting? Is your clan that hungry for e-rep? Congrats, two dc's and a cabbagehero I heard xD
  4. Nice to see some posts from you, good job LoF!
  5. Unfortunate crash, grats RSD :thumbup:
  6. Thank you for the fight KoA. Great pull, well deserved!
  7. Nev


    Who to believe..who to believe... :ohnoes: Grats RoT.
  8. I'm sure you'll get them next time, blnt DF :smile:
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