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  1. and you need dream mentor..., with those freaky level 343 beasties Dream Mentor is easy. You can easily safe spot the end fight. Anyways, this won't last very long. Supply will always > demand in RS. It just takes time. ok mister, if you can "easily safespot the end fight" wheres the safespot? its flat!
  2. ill move the big bit just behind the pillar, see if that does anything it did, i moved it behind the pillar, and connected all 4 sides up, then moved it back where it was in the picture, made a bar! the high piece moved down to behind the pillar, the low one to the side of it, made it spin, then moved it back where it was, and it made a bar
  3. high one is at the end, connecting it to the power, and med one is on the other side to it
  4. oh and ive tried boxing the pillar in, that didnt work
  5. which one do you move then?, and where
  6. and you need dream mentor..., with those freaky level 343 beasties
  7. i got my first bar done ok, but my counters ran out of moves before i could recharge it, no choice but to reset, now ive done the puzzle level 3 again, and all i get is a note at the bottom saying nothing happens, please can someone help me? heres a screenie 25 moves left, what do you suggest i do?
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