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  1. I don't really Runescape anymore but I'm just curious and have a question for those that still do? How have people replaced forums? Where do people now have in depth discussions, advertise clans, share ideas and make friends? 

    People always seem to cite reddit and youtube but neither of these are places capable of good discussion in my experience. I'm no reddit expert but it seems the turnover is just too large to have any kind of meaningful discussion. 

  2. But of an off hand question basically asking for some general advice..

    I'm thinking of getting some kind of PS4. I haven't played games seriously on a console in years, occasionally just pissing around on my old PS3. But I'm on a long illness lay off at the moment and fancied some fun.

    So.. there seems to be lots of different ps4s, what's the difference between them? Are the more expensive versions really worth it for basically just playing a bit of remastered cod4 and the new dishonoured game.

    Sorry there's not much structure here. Hoping someone who still uses this forum has some knowledge here. Thanks in advance

  3. I am in the process of replacing my laptop and a friendly geek has recommended one to me. I'm not particularly tech savvy when it comes to specifications and so would like some advice on whether this laptop with its specs would suffice for general academic work, a bit of video editing and some gaming,, Basically general university student use.


    HP ProBook 455 G3


    Processor: AMD Quad-Core A8-7410 APU 2.2 GHz

    Turbo boost up to 2.5 GHz

    With Radeon R5 Graphics

    2 MB Cache



    16 GB DDR3L-1600 SDRAM

    Configuration: 2x8 GB

    2 SODIMM


    Hard Drive


    480GB SSD


    Loaded with Windows 10


    He's offering it to me for ~£600, does this sound reasonable? 


    Thanks for your help. 

  4. I would say they're both still worth it and that there aren't really any better initial investments. I would though say its not worth getting 92 prayer but rather you should go straight for 95, I would also personally prioritise 95 prayer over 96 herblore, if money is tight you can always just get 94 herblore and easily boost to make any overloads you need. 

  5. My recommendations would be:


    Strength and Attack - camp frost dragons and make a lot of money, they are also very reasonable experience. 

    Ranged - As you said waterfiends

    Magic - The fastest way is barraging in the abyss, could also consider camping K'ril

    Defence - Can be done by switching combat stance in any of the above options depending on whether you want more money, pure experience or are still short of charms are levelling range (I'm afraid I'm not sure on the charms per xp)

  6. RS performance has again worsened.. My client is now only working in safe mode and will not enter OpenGL graphics options and when I try to enter DirectX then the client instantly crashes. I've tried the RS official advice and deleted the cache and also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the client but no different. Safe mode is just about ok but again the game seems to be running worse in it than it previously has been?! 

  7. I do all the defrag etc about once every two weeks, so hopefully that shouldn't be much of a problem. I also restart once in a rather large while, probably should do more. Again as I say its a bit strange its running really well right now even though my CPU is still at 80+ degrees 

  8. No I don't I'm afraid. But why would it run so well occasionally and so poorly at other times? Surely if my GPU is struggling it would always struggle? 


    Edit: When its bad I also experience literally 1-2 FPS while on Min settings, even a struggling GPU I would have thought could do better than this?

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