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  1. So now the entire point of a classic cape is ruined. Good job Jagex.
  2. You see that $7 hat they are selling in a $10 game? Wat. The whole katana thing is dumb. They are just trying to milk the customers for more money. When micro-transactions are implemented, I'm leaving.
  3. This is Jagex. A few days to them equals two weeks. Even then there will still be some glitch or bug that will be with the update. I'd take buggy content now over buggy content later.
  4. Lol the RSOF. Talk about a joke.
  5. First 90 combat skill :D Also getting closer to 2k total
  6. I'm pretty sure I tried out some of the skills like thieving, fletching, herb, and agi.
  7. Kinda-sorta going for 70, i'm finding that farming is actually fun :huh:
  8. 80 mining next >_> Going to take a while seeing how every time I connect to w117 LRC I lagg out due to all the bots.
  9. Thanks for posting the song, just finished downloading their 1st and 2nd albums. Totally a freaking awesome band and yes it would make a great PK song :thumbsup: Will unspam later with 67 farm pic
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