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  1. Make yourself at home and enjoy posting on our forums! If you need any help in navigating our forums or want to read up on how a particluar thing works, visit our Forum User Guide. The following links may also be helpful to you as a new user: Tip.it Forum Rules - Be sure to read our rules so you know what is and is not allowed on our forums. The Rules also contain our signature and avatar guidelines. Tip.it Forum Guide - Important Posting FAQs - Contains information about how and where to post. Tip.it Forum Guide - Post Count - Want to know what the title above your avatar means? Or why your post count isn't increasing? Read this guide. Tip.It Staff List - A list of the Tip.it Staff members. Contact a moderator or administrator if you have a question or concern regarding the forum. Contact a crew member if you have a question regarding the Tip.it help site. So you want to join the Tip.it Forum Staff ? - Information about joining the Tip.it Staff. Have fun! Your Tip.It Administrative Team Archive ------------------------------------- *All Tip.It Forum Rules apply. [/hide] Credit to Ard_Choille for the original topics. Hey guys! I'm new to this forum! But not new to RuneScape or forums in general. I just want to say hi! From what I can see tip.it's forums have a GREAT HELPFUL community! But anyways, tip.it admins and mods and devs, I just want to give a huge thanks for the site! It's helped me a lot since 06! I'll tell I little bit about myself. -Well, I always speak in good grammar, because I think it makes you seem more mature. And I love to have friends and I'm easy to talk to. I will never hold a grudge against somebody. I'm easy going. I'm a very grateful person. And I would love to have a big conversation with anybody, I love to talk. =P Peace Out! -Telamon
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