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  1. You can lend me claws next. Just kidding. Gratz on agi, you should go for farming after FM.
  2. I m first person to said hello :D

  3. So. I heard of a drop party in world 103, aparrently it was 1B. (140m cash, couldn't fit it all in) Rather impressive drop party. Look what I got! OMG! [hide] ...[/hide]
  4. He was offline, nothing you can do about a grave once they go off, unfortunately. Oh and grats on 90 dungeoneering. :P
  5. Sadface. His net dced (Or his pre-paid internet ran out l0l). We got a bless on the first time, but he didn't get back online. GF Chaotic rapier, Chaotic crossbow, Farseer kiteshield, Arcane stream necklace and a bunch of other standard DKing gear. RIP 6.3m Dung xp.
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