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  1. banned for posting on the 871st page of this tupic
  2. amazing, you could also put a plank of wood behind the doors, guaranteed not to fail
  3. Hahaha. I sincerely hope your joking, my friend. Don't critique people on their grammar if yours isn't good either either. I find it funny when people are ignorant and tell people to correct their grammar, and then spell grammar wrong. This is how it should be written: Hahaha. I sincerely hope you're joking, my friend. Don't critique people on their grammar if yours isn't good either either. I find it funny when people are ignorant and tell other people to correct their grammar and then spell grammar wrong.
  4. there is a grad prank every year at my school but so far when ive been there they have all been lame (hand cream on the door handles, t-ping the office), but there was one good one last year. Someone stole the janitors keys, got into the principal's office and people put paper cups filled with water on the floor in her office, if she knocked one down, down go all the others. im gradding next year and have some good ideas, the best of which is duct-taping cans of axe open and leaving them throughout the school so when you walk in, one breath and youll walk right back out again... coughing. unfortunately my school has a pretty good relationship with the police, my school is also where they train the police dogs (german shepherds) yikes!
  5. how can anybody be that ignorant? teh cabbage guide was not a joke... it is very helpful if you want to join teh ooc. a lot of people are flaming tripsis now lol =p
  6. i hope so but i dont think so i once met someone that died 5 times on an oporating table, she never said anything about what happened after she died.
  7. My personal opinion is that it is wrong, simply because it is unnatural, we all have sex organs for a reason... to make babies, that is natural. Two people of the same gender can't do that together, and therefore homosexuality is unnatural. From a political standpoint however, i think that it should be ok for people of the same gender to get married etc, if they can't they have one less freedom than hetrosexuals. In todays world, in many countries, everyone is supposed to have equal rights and freedoms, but this seems to be an exception, in many modern, developed countries including the USA.
  8. over 500k worth of stuff for various NADs, and im very poor
  9. why are we giving them the most basic stuff? most people level 10-15 are able to use steel armour/weapons and oak/willow bows, and the arrows that go along with them, also, monk robes are better than regular ones, and can be worn by anyone,, why not give them some fishing rods and some steel hatchets/pickaxes
  10. firemaking owns! its tied with cooking dfor the easiest to raise runecrafting takes the longest to raise prayer is boring to raise mining takes a long time smithing is very expensive fishing is fun you can multitask while woodcutting crafting is fun too im not sure which
  11. all you need to know to figure out the time it will be at is your timezone and that the event starts at 7pm UTC
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