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  1. Hopefully these are perm mutes... Knowing Jagex, they aren't :wall:
  2. Sorry but what forums look like that? You almost had me excited that we had gotten a forum update :S
  3. Lol whut? Spoilers. ;) I haven't done Nomad's, but everyone knows that he dies... Who is this everyone? I know he didn't. lets see if I can find an unspam here
  4. I am quite sure that it is 2000 per hour, if that helps you at all. However this implies you pretty much are perfect.
  5. Thanks, I've figured that out and should've mentioned it. I was wondering if there is a reason the drink option is there if you can't really drink it...
  6. Hello, been hunting a while and I keep wondering about the "drink" option on the juju hunter potions. When you click it, nothing happens, so I was just wondering if there is a use for it. Or has this option been there forever and Jagex doesn't know about this issue yet? Sorry if this is the wrong forum, didn't know where the best place was.
  7. I'm surprised it didn't cost us money to read the BTS
  8. Alright thanks. I do not have Lion and I use firefox on snow leopard. Is there a way to download the client if I can't access the site? >.>
  9. Hmm... I am not able to access the page from my iMac (figures) but when I go to my gateway with windows 7, it seems fine. Wonder if that is part of the problem or if that is just a coincidence...
  10. Strange... So it isn't everyone. I wonder who can get on and who can't
  11. Lol thanks. Can't wait to view the forums afterwards :D So is anyone able to play or is everyone kicked out like the recent crashes have done? (If anyone can tell)
  12. Hello, I was playing RS about 6 hours ago and decided to take a break... I try to come play again and the RS homepage or any other affiliated pages just refuse to load. It shouldn't be my ISP because I am accessing other sites with great speed and am even playing Counterstrike. I didn't see a post like this anywhere else so I was wondering if this is just me? I've also head of recent slow loading times but this is the first time I've had it. Wastin so much xp bro
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