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  1. If none of you are aware the game did come out late 1999 so no I haven't played before it began
  2. Yes the maple bows are a good idea.... IF THEY HAD MAPLES IN F2P!!!!
  3. ya but if you do that you'd have a 36,000+ way tie :lol: \ everyone vote for 'emselves unless there weren't presidential or dictatorship regulations
  4. unless Jagex put like some limit what i don't know... maybe years played lol I've played ever since the beginning 5 YEARS!!!
  5. ya A political group would be a great advancement to runescape... and maybe there is a president for every world in every city
  6. Than again if you do add more worlds... trade would rise up slowly but surely because people can go to worls that aren't packed like f2p world 1 and than people cana ctually see what your selling so I think adding worlds is a great idea and if you can mix in randomly generated monster areas in this vast sea of nothingness we call runescape that would be great
  7. There would have to be some governmental system involved mayb e a house and maybe every 2 or 3 months the citizens elect a new president. And there would have to be some process in which to change citizenship. But if anything I'd live in Falador... Mining Guild :D :D :D
  8. think of all the coup de tat's man and maybe the nations should be cities like Varrok West Ardougne and East Ardougne... that'd be a great war!!! west and east ardougne
  9. oh dude get with the times man these calcs are awesome :lol:
  10. and don't forget about all the skill calculators and stuff those are lifesavers
  11. screaming out stuff in varrok market is a hassle because everyone else does it at the same time so your message scrolls off the box
  12. I don't see how it could relate to my comment anyway.... NEW TOPIC NOW!!! HOW HAS TIP.IT FORUMS HELPED YOU AT ALL??? PLEASE LIST THINGS I'll start off I have sold excess Iron I have here for a lot of money... this is a great way to get in touch with people who want to buy specific things. This is much better than varrok market
  13. lol 50k Theres nothing wrong with 50k.... :? seems a bit small :cry: 50k's perfectly fine. sry I just had to keep the multiple quote quotes comin lol :lol: oh ya and..... hehe I'm sorry it was tempting
  14. lol 50k Theres nothing wrong with 50k.... :? seems a bit small :cry: 50k's perfectly fine. sry I just had to keep the multiple quote quotes comin lol :lol:
  15. all I said is that runecrafting won't effect the prices because since more and more runes will be distributed they will be sold in bulk so mages can just buy them instead of making them
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