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  1. ^ Meh, tl;dr


    I ddi the same thing, but to sum it up from what i saw by skimming through, it is too much work to try and beat him to 200mil xp, and he is using effigies and she is not.

    No it's more like she dosen't want to actually have to train slower skills manually. She wants to use 200 effigies to get 99 rc when she could be using those on Slayer to keep rank 2.


    Well, thatd be easy choice for me

  2. ^ Meh, tl;dr


    I ddi the same thing, but to sum it up from what i saw by skimming through, it is too much work to try and beat him to 200mil xp, and he is using effigies and she is not.


    Okay :P Thank you.

    So, does anybody of you have a estimate/idea when Tezz is gonna use them all? Tomorrow? Next week?

  3. Lolol, I was actually playing alot of sw that day, barraging :P (watches some people facepalm)


    My love and her clan are facing a few major wars and of course I can't let her go through that all by herself (she tends to go on when others give up, rawr). Speaking of which, if you're good at sw or know some people that are eho are up for some fun/challenge, please send me a pm on here and I'll let you know which world(s) this is taking place in + cc name etc. Would be much appericiated!


    Just reminding y'all that I've also got a social life to work on, which is going to increase these coming years. This year will still contain alot of Rs gametime, but next year...who knows how things will turn out! Will deffo get the top half skills on highscores to 200m though, thats for sure ;)


    Oh and some interesting news, Chilly posted a little story somewhere as a vid description that she's going for all 99s instead of sticking to slayer until 200m. This means Tezz will become the rank 2 slayer if he keeps it up! :)


    Edit: Oh and, wb Langer! Did you have a good vacation in Jamaica? Hope all went well! :)


    What are you gonna spend your SW points on? :S

  4. I think that might be effigies.


    No, he's seriously Fletching, there were some 5m days, but mostly 1m-, and Imo why make money 17 hrs and fletch 2 hrs or w/e just do 1 thing or it misleads ppl :P


    Edit: Well atleast if u play 18 or 19 hrs why spend the last 2 hrs on fletching lol

  5. For Drumgun, I think that means he is making money - he doesn't gain any combat xp but it may lead to some impressive prayer gains later :thumbup:.


    Yeah, but seeing he is also gaining Fletching xp makes it look like he's doing a slow Fletching method. At least, in the summer, he was gaining 8m fletch/day after he got #1 and 200m summoning.. but now he gets like 192k fletch xp a day lol. why not just make money all 19 hrs instead of fletching for 15 minutes

  6. yeh idk how they accually did that record as a bunch of people avg way more than 9hrs 20 mins a day

    Because no one wants to show that they are best at tha screen staring skill.


    I heard that Guiness world records don't accept gaming marathons because people die trying to play so much with no breaks.


    Sigh :( some people..

  7. Here is a list of some of the top player's remaining hours based on the xp rates/h from the spreadsheet I created a few months back. This is a rough estimate because some of the training methods are bit dated but it should still give a pretty good idea of what people have left.


    Player	        Hours
    Suomi	        10918
    Skiller	        13761
    Zarfot	        13766
    Dapledo	        14052
    Lan	        14396
    Skiller 703	14397
    Kingduffy	14622
    Elvis	        14719
    Elias	        15116
    Tezz        	15502
    Telmomarques	15814
    Drumgun	        15961
    Jdelacroix	16183
    Green098	16195
    Gertjaars	16321
    ErwJ	        16671
    Paperbag	16899


    Seriously? Slayer already is half of those 10k hours


    Yep. 4712 hours remaining for Suomi at a rate of 40k/h in Slayer.


    Wow, and how much hours is the remaining 70m rc xp he would have to do? And Woodcutting? + all the buyables is NOT over 10k hours? Wow :o


    Just punch his name into the Input section of the spreadsheet and it'll give you a rough estimate of time he left in each skill.


    Okay thanks! It was just hard to believe :P

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