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  1. Arceus


    We are HYT - we can never be killed aside from that one weakness, when someone forgets to pay the server bill.
  2. Arceus


    I suppose we'll just have to meet up at the Blue Moon Inn then!
  3. You might say we've herd some grumblings around the forums. It is our pleasure to announce, after an udderly long hiatus, the return of the man, the legend, the one who makes rulebreakers cower in fear...the one and only @Cowman_133! We are sure that he will be able to help you out with any moderating or admin concerns, even when the steaks are high. Please join me in welcoming him back to the admin team!
  4. Hi Acsyio, thanks for your post. No one has made a new guide for it yet, unfortunately...which is why is has not appeared. Hopefully sometime in the future!
  5. Arceus


    I went to a bar with friends after work today, which was an...interesting? experience. The original plan was to get drinks and then play board games but we stayed there for like 2.5 hours instead. It was so loud and pretty warm in there...don't know how people do it. I could barely hear the person next to me half the time. Maybe I can convince them to do something else next time...
  6. Arceus


    I have been trying to get my running up more but my legs keep feeling sore and the heat and humidity outside, even early in the morning, is compounding the problem. Hopefully I can get back up there eventually.
  7. I finally did it...since no one was keen on grouping with me. Now I just need Solak somehow...
  8. Arceus


    When a company emails you: "{{Applicant first name}}, you're invited to an interview!" Also there must be some gif that describes trying to interact with non-OT users..
  9. Arceus


    May the fourth be with you...and I wonder how long until it'll be a bigger deal than July 4th...
  10. Arceus


    That's looking really good. I'm sure there's a lot you can add on past MEP2...now you just need to make sure they don't give up!
  11. Arceus


    Shouldn't there be something like Fn + F4 to toggle display modes?
  12. Arceus


    Hmm makes sense I guess. Only thing is that I can't really code locally since my computer is Windows and no GPU...that was the point of signing up for Amazon in the first place. At least it's free for now...
  13. Arceus


    You wouldn't learn Python by solely reading the documentation. That's a reference to quickly look up stuff once you already have a good idea what's going on.. Also looking into AWS but I'm having a hard time understanding. If say I have a standalone project with TensorFlow, can I dump it on there and run it (after some data wrangling to put it in their format)? Or do I have to convert it to something completely different?
  14. Arceus


    A business with a revenue of $0. I don't think there's any benefit of writing anything off. I thought you can deduct business expenses regardless...it just has to have the intent of making revenue/profit eventually, even if it's not doing so at the moment. More the TensorFlow API aspect of things I guess, already know the different kinds of models and have the math background to understand how the neural networks function and which to try.
  15. Arceus


    I've never published, so I wouldn't know the details, but can you get your launcher on say itch.io where people might be a bit more willing to ignore those prompts? My understanding is that once it's downloaded a certain number of times, those sort of messages go away. But I might be wrong and I don't know how different version numbers interact with those totals. On a totally different note, since you would be the right people to ask...if I want to teach myself Tensorflow, CUDA, CUDNN, where do I start? I only have a laptop with Windows and no GPU. Is it worth learning Amazon's interface so I can test models (and can I use their CPU time in very small increments to just run tests to see if it compiles or not)?
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