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  1. Reported to the internet men for stealing the internet.
  2. Azo


    2001 Honda Civic 2.0 I-VTEC, 82K Miles
  3. Azo

    Abyss Pkers

    Abyss Pking is embarrassing.
  4. Does anything besides falador guards drop those? :P Chickens do.
  5. Primary: AK74U with grip and IS Secondary: Python snub nosed Lethal: Semtex Tactical: Flashbang Equipment: Claymores Perk 1: Scavenger Perk 2: Sleight of Hand Perk 3: Ninja or SC
  6. Happens all the time here, they get swept up in hurricanes. A water Buffalo even landed once.
  7. Azo

    From Flab to Abs.

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Solitary-Fitness-Charles-Bronson/dp/1902578120 All you need, it's by this mad man. :P
  8. Try double exp gloves + voids + chaotic rapier + extremes at AZ's. God, that would be quite a bit over 150k, perhaps even 200k, melee exp/hr. Me personally, I'll stockpile those gloves to use on easy tasks like greaters, hellhounds, abyssal demons, gargoyles, blue dragons etc. Great, now maxing melee got to be almost twice as easy. Melee-favoritism much? They've probalys balanced it out by making the Wolf really hard.
  9. Double XP gloves and supers at AZ's... :twisted:
  10. I now feel like a loser. Fml.

  11. Azo

    Yahoo Email

    Can't think of anything else, have you phoned Cogeco up to see if they can help you?
  12. Azo

    Happy New Year!

    Been a real busy year for me, taking half a gap year next year though so i'm looking forward to 2011! Happy New Year! :D
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