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  1. Welcome aboard Lana and Waffleh :)
  2. 1)That totally depends how much time you're willing to put into it, some train constantly, others only a few hours a day. A few variables there. I would say, maybe a week, again, depending how much you're on. 2)With the oncoming of free trade, passing junk for "item renting" will more than likely be passe, hence no need for junk. The junk was to help up the trade limit. 3)That is an extremely difficult question to answer, it totally depends on who you go to for a slayer master, what tasks you get, how you train summoning, and what your summoning level is now. There are a great many variables there, so that is nearly impossible to answer for you. 4)I got 96 summoning specifically because it made slayer faster. For you, it depends how much cash you're willing to spend (it will be a much!) or will you go through slayer and have it pay for itself. Keep in mind, each item you make summoning, has the potential of big monetary dividends (no not by alching, or selling, but by merely using them for their intended purpose). Some will speed up tasks, some are designed to forage, others helping speed up other skilling processes. I made a lot of money from summoning, before I got to 96. I used that money to help summoning pay for itself. I hope these answer your questions for you.
  3. Kill some low level slayer monsters for bronze boots, they're worth 17k in the grand exhange for some reason :blink: There are lots of ways of making money low level, fishing and woodcutting are 2 ways. I get asked alot "What's the best way to make money?" Ultimately, my answer always falls back to "whatever you like to do, repeatedly, that makes you money and hopefully, doesn't rely on the market." For me, burning shades was that. It not only got me 99 prayer, but I also advanced many skills doing that, and for the most part, didn't rely on the market value of most of the items I got.
  4. Ahhhh cool. Glad to see another nuke aboard. Welcome. :smile:
  5. My worst fear, as far as free trade is concerned is that account theft will skyrocket. This will work hand in hand with the wilderness pking back. Other than that, I'm pretty indifferent.
  6. Happy birthday Mod Hohbein. :smile:

  7. I disagree with your point. You should not take the easy way out on those first few levels. Yes, they're slow, but at the same time they're also necessary, for two reasons. First of all, if you are going for chaotics, using lamps and other xp boosters on Dungeoneering would mean you'd have to train dungeoneering for even longer to get those tokens you miss out on. Secondly, it's simply good practice. For someone who's never dungeoneered before, it is a very confusing skill. The worst time to pick it up is when your whole team is relying on you. Hmm, I am ok with part of that, but when you're first starting out, the question of team is in most cases irrelevant, as you usually especially starting out, are soloing the first few levels. The other thing is, you don't want to be able to "not do things" as this makes you more of a liability to some than an asset all the way around. It also makes it easier to find a good solid team, when your skills are "viable". For melee exp, I went slayer, that's me though. While training slayer, you get all the exp you can handle (melee, ranging, magic, constitution) and you get effigies as Quynax stated, you miss out on the opportunities of effigies along the way, and those can prove to be an excellent form of experience for you. My best suggestion is, try not to grind 1 skill for too long? The game can become boring and monotonous, even "too much work" and whatever you do lol, don't save your least favorite skill for last if you want to in fact get that 99 lol.
  8. Getting your magic up, there are 2 schools of training it. 1) Combat (the one most seen in the posts here) and 2) skilling as was briefly mentioned by a couple here. 1. Combat magic with exception to some dragons and Ice Strykewyrms, is not very profitable and in fact, may even incur a cost, however it is fast. 2. Skilling is not too slow but can be less costly and depending what you do, (using lunar magics to make mahogany planks, superglass make to make orbs and then charge) can even be profitable but like I said is slow. I did a combination of both to not only reduce monotony, but also make some money along the way as well as keeping the pace up. I hope this helps :smile:
  9. Gear all depends on your bank (what you can afford). For me, I don't have the time nor patience for that Barbarian Assault minigame lol for a torso, however money was never really an issue. I made so much from slayer alone. A few people mentioned turmoil and soul split. Typically, that's what i have my quick prayer select set to, and with sgs, I never need food, healing familiar and hardly ever need prayer potions. For slayer, d claws are relatively worthless, they do provide a somewhat entertaining effect (I guess lol) when you use the special, but other than that, I dont see the point in them. I would get rid of them and get a fury instead, the combat rings, are up to you, I use them all, I know some that just use Ferocious Ring (in Kuradel's Dungeon), and ring of wealth elsewhere and even the onyx ring (i). Other than that, it all depends on your preferences and combat abilities.
  10. Manitstinks, I hear your dilemma and your frustration. Though Herblore Habitat is a great and speedy way to get experience, doing that and trying to pot can be frustrating and at times, seem ridiculous. If you're level 64? If i understand that right, it won't be long before you're level 70. :smile: There have been a number of good suggestions, falconry, salamanders, chins, penguins, etc. Try a little of each? Whatever you do, persevere, and be patient, you'll get it! This is coming from someone that hates hunting #-o lol.
  11. Hello all, My name is Ted, I've been playing RuneScape since '04. I'm currently working to max my stats, but more importantly, looking to offer my RuneScape knowledge and experiences. I dabble in web design (php, javascript, jquery, html, css) and do a lot of that on the side. My primary expertise is the kitchen, 99 cooking (yes, I am a chef). Looking forward to getting to know people here. :smile:
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