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  1. So I am wondering if the new update or should i say old update of the Wild and no trade limit do you think that some of the old powerful clans will come back? As old I mean around the 2004 era cause thats when I started playing and one of the clans I was in was The Moriquendi and we had about 100 plus active members... I am just wondering no spam please :)
  2. Hey there coming out of retirement and looking for a fun clan to play with. I was once a member of "The Moriquendi" but had quit playing two years ago and now have been playing again for a week and looking for a clan to join. I have been in many clan wars and was very active when I was in one. My account was started in 2003 and below are my levels RS name- nhsgilpen20 Attack- 85 Strength- 86 Defence- 82 Ranged-77 Prayer-60 Magic67 Rune crafting-40 Construction-1 Dungeoning-7 Constitution-86 Agility-53 herblore-36 Theiving-48 Crafiting-57 Flethcing-64 Slayer-44 Hunting-5 Mining-70 Smithing-61 Fishing-80 Cooking-82 Firemaking-72 Woodcutting-84 Firemaking-39 Summoning-20 My combat level is 105 and right now I am F2p But plan on becoming a member again in a week or two. I usually play all saturday nights and once college starts back up play at least 3 times a week 5 or 6 hours a night. I am looking for a clan where I can rank up in and either be the clan blacksmith or clan fisher or even some kind of leader once I rank up in the clan. I am looking for a clan with a lot of members where there are always people online playing. So recruiters give me your best shot.
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