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  1. Thank you for the advice Gwyn. 


    I mean, isn't the answer obvious?


    GET 25 ENGINEERS! You like 'em hairy, don't ya?

    Lol I was going for 5 of them to have a full crew. I have gotten one about every 2 months, they are very rare when many regions are unlocked. I tried changing my totems to Laplace transforms but even that didn't seem to attract them.

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     Damn, i wish i could train at lrc and feel efficient


    Why play if you can't do something you find fun because it is inefficient? It's a game, not a life choice.


    Some people play for intrinsic rewards, some people play for extrinsic rewards

  3. For the range vs mage vs melee on slayer.


    Take melee as your baseline, for ranged to be efficient it has to be >0.8*(melee kills/hr), for magic >1.5*(melee kills/hr).

    magic will never be 50% more kills/hr, so then you're just left with comparing melee and ranged.

    It doesn't work like that. You can't say that because melee xp is worth 50% more than magic xp that slaying with magic has to be 50% faster to be better than melee.

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    Pick it apart or whatever, just wondering how accurate this is.  his logic seemed pretty solid

    No one has actually addressed his points yet, they have only mocked his slaying style.

    He may be right about the chaotic staff and virtis wand but it is difficult to calculate. Perhaps if we send out the grimy signal he will come to our aid with markovs http://puu.sh/7egz6.jpg

    Even if mage is faster than melee it is a lot easier to get mage xp than it is to get melee xp so the combat xp gained while using drygores adds to their value. When I was calculating the best task list a number of months ago (keep in mind that for logistical reasons I assume people use the style the monster is weak to) I found that some fast mage-weak tasks were worse than slower melee-weak tasks. So if you care about melee xp then it can often be worth slaying with drygores even if they are slower. Some people don't care about melee and maybe his video is aimed at people purely slaying but in this thread people generally want xp in all skills.

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  5. I think it is clear that this JMod does not really know what he is talking about.

    I think he knows how ridiculous it is but it's being put in place so they don't have to investigate if suspicious activity is legit mousekeys or botting. The no tolerance policy simplifies their banning process at the cost of mousekey users and they seem fine with that.

  6. These Jmods don't know what they're talking about. None of them seem to realize that Windows mousekeys allow you to jump pixels, which is the main purpose for using them. These new people got it into their heads that the output for 1:1 means one pixel at a time.

    The way he said "to a particular area on the screen" it sounds like he means regardless of where your mouse is it will move to the same coordinate. I guess ahk would be advanced enough to do that.

  7. Players like methods with low input value and are simplistic, not having to think so they can do something else on their computer. Barbarian course takes less thinking to gain the max Xp/hr than FPF and so they are more inclined to do it.

    Yes because runescape is mainly an extrinsic rewarding game so players don't consider that the learning and thought process in fpf could make it a more rewarding method

  8. The thing is, grinding alone won't give you the knowledge needed. You need to spend a significant amount of time offline studying the game and its map using the calculator I wrote before you actually begin any training.

    You are really just reinstating his point that the extra time and effort needed to learn how to play effectively is not worth it.

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    Are you implying that botting is ever an achievement


    Gaining ranks and climbing to the top is an achievement, no? I could list several users that have been on the first 5-10 pages of the Highscores overall and/or had gotten a 200m xp in a skill or close to it.


    inb4 other users start ranting about how it isn't an achievement if you aren't playing the game. L


    That would be an achievement for the bot developers not the player.


    Well I used to have 300 million XP (20 skillcapes actuall) before Jagex kindly decided to roll my account stats back. The funny thing about it is that I never botted since then so I guess that they cannot ban me for botting now because I was already punished once. :)


    Anyway talking about botting its achievments on "legit" forum would rude and kind of pointless because people who play legitimately wouln't understand people who bot runescape and conversely. (now I am not talking about gold farmers and other idiots who actually ruin runescape)


    Bwizzel wannabe


    Don't call "players didn't enjoy doing" to the group of players that weren't good enough to train a non-afkable skill.

    I created this account couple of seconds ago just so that I could tell you that you have no life. Jagex is making runescape playable. Who in his right mind would spend 200 hundred hours(?) leveling runecrafting?

    They aren't making it playable they are making it completable without playing, I wouldn't call afking playing the game. At least they are making it easier to socialize but it wasn't even hard to type while doing zmi and it's questionable if being more sociable makes the game itself better or just provides a distraction from a bad game.

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    What's the fastest for 200m fletching?


    What's the fastest 200m if money isn't an issue? Fletching?

    Fastest would presumably be construction with Demonic Thrones. It is theorized that one could get from 13m exp to 200m exp in about 15h, however it would cost 193 Billion GP.


    And I know this is from last week, but I just wanted to contribute this =d. Can't do much when I'm in uni =S

    Itll happen.....Someday
    nobody will ever spend like 50'000$ lol


    And quoting from the last time this was mentioned. "And don't pretend anyone with that kind of gp doesn't think like that"

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