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  1. There's a new piece of lore released to read about this quest! Link is Here. Go read it! :)

    Most interesting, especially to see some of the relationships between Zaros and his underlings.


    While Zamorak was interesting, the courtier and the trace of demonology (Thamarron was one of Zamorak's lieutanants and got rid of Uzer) was more so.


    Also that there may be more than just one of that race of fire creatures.

  2. Just a heads up.


    I managed to find a safespot in one of the Barrows Brothers tomb. I'm not going to say which, as it will cause slight chaos. I've already sent a bug report to Jagex about this. ;-)


    Perhaps a more important question is; why would you even need to safespot any of them?

    If you're maging them at a low level, a safespot would mean you don't spend much money on prayer potions any more.

  3. You incorrectly spelled "introduction" as "intruduction".


    A lot of pictures could do with being updated as well as being saved as png files to avoid compression artefacts, as I'm sure you're aware the terrain of the barrows has changed as has the armour, I'm sure you'll get to that in due course.


    It's worth noting the possibilities of temple trekking as enough trekking can unlock fast travel from Canifis to the barrows for players who cannot start the Branches of Darkmeyer.

  4. I agree with the notion that FM is essentially useless to train. You train primarily to train it faster. Along with fletching, it is one of the most useless skills for the actual utility it brings.


    I can't really see why people are excited that there's a high req for FMing. I have for a long time held the strong belief that Jagex should really update skills so that they have something for the player other than quest requirements, training methods, and small uses in Dungeoneering. Adding a high requirement for a skill in a quest seems like a very contrived way of making a skill seem more useful.


    High level FM is only used for getting the adze, which is really just for training WC/FMing faster (It's not even a utility item since toolbelt came out), and preventing HC explosions, which isn't even a good guarantee at 99 FMing.


    As for the Barrows updates, I really hope they update set effects. Karil and Torag are basically useless, Ahrim and Guthan are largely outdated, Akrisae and Verac are very situational, leaving Dharok as the set effect people really ever use.

    They said the quest would unlock new 90+ firemaking methods and some cosmetic reasons to train.


    Also, they've tried to make the skill handy in the past with shade burning, pyre logs, and cave lighting. Not much, but they have had a go.

  5. Edgeville ruins do make sense. There was a Zarosian fortress there that got destroyed, plus it ties in with all the ruins added to wilderness wall showing old boundaries.


    Layout changing I think is a very bad idea, they do do it slightly (eg draynor houses got split up more), but the idea is a graphically overhaul not a re-build of the map. The places retain their identity from keeping their general layout; besides its not like they don;t change at all layout wise overtime. Buildings getting slightly nudged about all the time for new content; the most obvious big one recently was a bunch of houses in east falador being removed/shuffled to fit in the artisan's workshop.


    I doubt the zarosian fortress would look like those ruins, though (our current reference is Ghorrock) and why wouldn't the citizens of edgeville use that land to build something good and useful?

  6. Yes the comic was poor. Not that funny, not that pleasing to look at.


    @Fallstar: I would argue Jiblix was a significant event, because it influenced people's opinions hugely at the time: his video got 100,000 views, tip.it had a very long thread, J-Mods had to police the RSOF regarding him, and ultimately it's plausible that some of Jagex's potential golden joystick votes were lost as a result. While not significant in the long run it mattered at the time and even (perhaps) made the bot nuke more appeasing.


    I must ask, Helm_Lardar, but what did we learn from that video? That's the thing I've always been wondering. What exactly did people find out from watching it? Was it that people actually realised there was bots and Real World-Trading websites being advertised en masse all across RuneScape? That Jagex were finding it very hard to tackle all of these problems?


    I honestly don't think the average RuneScape player (Pretty much everyone who has logged in within the past year) find out something they didn't already know. This was just an excuse for people to [bleep] and moan even more, because it was said by a "Volunteer". If that video was a "wake-up call", some people need to get their heads checked...Because I don't know what RuneScape they've been playing, but it hasn't been the same one that I have been playing.


    I doubt their votes took a hit, the other games exceeded in votes due to offering their players real rewards in-game (Which would be on the same level as a Double-XP weekend for RuneScape). We were offered nothing but a "Thank you", which is fine in itself.


    Certainly more interesting things happened throughout the year than an attention-seeking episode on YouTube/RSOF. :thumbup:


    Well, I hadn't actually realised RWT and botting was quite that bad on f2p worlds. That was a big eye-opener for me. It's not that I didn't care before, it's just that I hadn't known how big the problem was.

  7. Yes the comic was poor. Not that funny, not that pleasing to look at.


    @Fallstar: I would argue Jiblix was a significant event, because it influenced people's opinions hugely at the time: his video got 100,000 views, tip.it had a very long thread, J-Mods had to police the RSOF regarding him, and ultimately it's plausible that some of Jagex's potential golden joystick votes were lost as a result. While not significant in the long run it mattered at the time and even (perhaps) made the bot nuke more appeasing.

  8. I've never suffered from it...generally speaking, I play more for fun and often stop training something because it's getting repetitive and dull. As a result, I still haven't ever got a 99 (but I'm not certain I need one).


    However, I did once get cramp in my right hand/wrist whilst playing barbarian assault. I was the collector, which means quite a few clicks, and I was temporarily (5-10 minutes) unable to make more than the odd, spasmodic, click. I think it was bad posture that did this more than anything else.

  9. Re: Crocefusso's Article


    Removal of bots and the return of free trade and the like, outweighs the negatives this year brought (Which wasn't very many).


    But the last few paragraphs..."VI: Martyrs as Symbols of an Epoch"...Make me laugh -- Not with you, of course.

    This. i'll remember 2011 because the few negatives were well outweighed by some great decisions, notable FT+W and the bot nuke. And still they managed to put out good, and consistent content.

  10. Christmas is a pagan holiday. Christmas tree is also pagan, it was never even a christian symbol.


    OT: I liked the event. It was fun and the puzzle was a bit challenging, other than that it was pretty straightforward. Personally, I think it was better than last years. :)


    Actually, the pagan holiday you're thinking of is the celebration of the Winter Solstice. If the particular branch of paganism you're thinking of is the wiccan branch. While a christmas tree is pagan, the early church had christmas (the festival of christ's brith) at the time of the winter solstice in order to replace it.



    I do love how rs constantly updates everything graphically, it's just sometimes I wish they'd be more consistent with it. They seem to start a project of make-overs, get sidelined then start a new project of makeovers.


    Eg over summer we got new trees being added with most updates....then nothing for months.

    Updating areas we often get like lumby then varrock then draynor then fally and occassionally edge...then they stop for a while and normally most other places don;t get a look in but a few months later lumby gets done again.


    I mean granted a lot of eastern areas are behind the curve on current standard, but please can't they wait (since they r pretty decent) and let places like Ardougne and Yanille FINALLY get a make-over that is overdue.



    I sort-of wish that when they updated an area, the updated it completely. New everything. And didn't apply any of that stuff anywhere else until that place got updated. A case in point is the GE clerks, which weren't updated while bankers were shoehorned in from draynor. Also trees, as you say.


    Finally, be more bold with area updates. Change the layout of things as well as their look if you want. GE got a fountain, but edgeville's ruins could do with making sense.

  11. I'm not sure what's wrong with not having recharge costs.

    Indeed. I'm not sure if removing the recharge cost of barrows would do anything game breaking, and I doubt the >100k per piece is going to make much of a dent in the economy. I can't really speak for high end gear though, outside of chaotics. By the time I have to charge my rapier, I've made the cost back through drops or dailies.

    Yes. The problem is, if I get a rapier I would love to still get money from my dailies to spend on the frivolous things I used to spend it on, like skill training etc.

  12. Good rant, and it highlights something that dissapoints me as a mid-level player: I don't want Torva armour because it would be simply too expensive for me to use normally. It would be fun, but no fun when it comes to recharge time. Barrows armour recharge is so low I don't mind: 750k/hr is something different entirely.


    I'm not sure what's wrong with not having recharge costs.

  13. As I can see I'm not going to argue with a Mod, of course you're probably going to know more than me.. But I'm going to put this into a question. What if the player isn't that familiar with the game? Doesn't know best training methods, and doesn't have help, why waste the money trying to get familiar in P2P with low skills? That's what happened to me when I first got mems.. I didn't read anything on it, eventually not getting anything out of mems.


    I suggest reading some beginners' P2P guides and train up a bit to get familiar, because who wants to waste money?


    Any comments or advice?


    Well, here's a few things to do.


    1. Join a clan with some members in it. A nice, laid-back one. They'll be able to tell you about anything you want to know in the member's game, and also about good ways to train. (My clan did exactly that for me).

    2. Browse RS Wiki, and click on anything that looks interesting. You'll get a general feel for some of the member's game.

    3. When you get members, do the gnome quests. They're pretty low levelled, but they unlock spirit trees and gnome gliders, which effectively unlocks acess to the majority of member's land.


    Finally, for me membership allows me to have more fun. F2P is so limited that it's never a waste of money in my perspective, and in the perspective of most people around here.

  14. barbarian heavy rod fishing is the best

    you should get 70-75k exp per hour with urns and a granite lobster+str and agil exp


    shilo is like 55-60k

    monkfish is like 30-35k

    c2 fishing is like 60k per hour at that level


    I should clarify: I only have 57 summoning (so an ibis) and 65 fishing.


    Thank you.

  15. The runescape wiki (unofficial) has a fairly reasonable description, if a tad tab-switiching full. Of note are that if you're going the right direction, you will:

    -Be seeing the odd key symbol and several sickle symbols. Keys are that weird black circle with lines going down.

    -Be going across a variety of levels and buildings.

  16. I'm currently training fishing from 65-71 and I would like to know the "best" method of training (I find fishing a bit dull and want to get it over with). Of course, best is a relative term so I'm really looking for the fastest way to go about things. However, if one method turns out to be only slightly less fast than another, but makes plenty of money, I would be happy to do that. What I mean is I wouldn't mind a bit of extra cash, even if it is inefficient.


    I would like to know the xp/hr for monkfish and fly fishing in shilo village, as well as if there are any other ways of training I should look at. Everyone says shilo is the go-to fishing xp place, but I'm not so sure...

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