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  1. You can't have your cake and eat it. Chinchompas are fast xp that is expensive. Because people aren't botting, you'll just have to live with paying a bit more or switching to a different method of training.

  2. I'm impressed you figured out there was an update today.

    I sure as hell couldn't with their new candy ass website.

    Guess I have to log in or some shit since all I see is "New Players Members Benefits $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"

    ADblock's your friend here. You can pull the useful stuff over that image with the standard version.

  3. Fire: Hmm, spent a bit too long describing what fire was (something everybody knows), making me wonder how on earth this related to runescape, and then cut the article short just as it was actually getting into something I wanted to read and comment about. Fire suggestions are interesting things, even if (in my opinion) they should never have implemented the skill in the first place.


    My Favourite Things: It's nice to see a positive times article! I can't imagine playing with all of those things except bank tabs-I'd rather use the search button at the moment.


    Letter to MMG: the analogy of Sun and Wind seems slightly misleading, since the sun is still rather punishing. It's just a gradual, not-alarming punishment-like the frog analogy: get a frog and put it into boiling water and it will jump out, put it in cold water and bring it to boil slowly and it will die. Equally, the community of hardcore f2p who like the challenge won't open their wallets.


    On the other hand, I've got to say I do agree: Jagex could really do with slowly releasing nice things to f2p that aren't particularly beneficial to members, like they did with canoes. That was nice of them.


    Join the Editorial Panel: I was amused that this was considered 'fictional'. I'd like to write a guest article for the times one day. Maybe I will.

  4. I feel that the KB and the RS wiki seem to hold very different purposes.


    I'm really not sure why Jagex made this thing editable now...you're inviting a whole bunch of trolls, and pretty much no genuine useful information because of the very tight, closed guides Jagex produces that are aimed at totally different things (descriptions of places and skill lists, mostly) than the wiki guides (items, up to date and helpfully hinting quest guides, skill training and other guides).

  5. Superb quest, extremely engaging, long (although stretched out by gimmicks), with great cutscenes and superb rewards.


    The new robes have certainly earned their place in my bank, with the hood and amulet as cheap additions to the monk's robes, the illuminated books as superb cheap additions to my questing gear, and the cithara having a great 50k xp bonus-I was very pleased with that, I can tell you!


    Beautiful graphics too, so I'm really hoping all the developers of this quest go on to make many more-pretty much everything about this was wonderful, and especially amazingly it was a novice quest.

  6. If 2 became 3: more of a natural progression, although of course the whole free trade/wildy thing has been a bit shocking, and we are now seeing some rather different styles of updates to skill training since then-less emphasis on releasing huge new content and more on improving and adding to what's already there, I think: the dominion tower, LRC/Lava flow, all those hunter updates and so on have all been part of that.


    Goodbye Runescape: yes, I'll concur that Jagex have changed their attitude to the free version of the game. Is it good or bad? Well, I think time will tell, but given one comment on this thread F2P has plenty of new people gushing in-and anyway, highscores is used "mostly" by the pure f2p community-which is something I doubt Jagex is a fan of. A bit negative, if I'm honest-there are arguments for and against the hiscore update, but I don't see it as nearly a big deal as many people seem to.


    Grinding doesn't have to be: yes, Jagex are working on this with things like the Jadinko Lair, LRC and other things which break up the long (it has to be long) process of training skills by making you move around, work with other players, and so on. I do think his suggestions are a little too combat-oriented, though: it would make training combat first more important than most other things, and since melee combat takes three times as long to train as any other skill (due to having 3 seperate skills, yes, I'll put defence in there) it seems unreasonable to have that happen-particularly given many member's enjoyment of a "pure" lifestyle.


    In addition, things like a special weapon from dragonbones-what would be the point, since it would have to be remarkably good and untradeable to be worth making, and then it wouldn't be worth making to train as you wouldn't be able to sell it. If you could sell it it wouldn't be very expensive. Not great suggestions-I much prefer what Jagex is doing to what Alg suggests.

  7. I enjoyed finding the Gnome Stronghold. I wouldn't like all the stuff to be dragged back to Lumbridge-in any case, there are most facilities (barring hunter, herblore, summoning) in Lumbridge and Draynor anyway.


    As for the second article: something of note is that at a particular point in the Japan crisis I've heard they didn't so much need more donations as more focused aid. In any case, if Jagex ever was to do a charity initiative I'd much rather they gave well (givewell.org) rather than gave blindly.


    Oh, and Jagex giving to charity wouldn't make me more likely to buy their membership. I actually don't think I'd care, call me insensitive if you will.

  8. A shop is an in-game acess to something more easily. For example, the Champion's guild unlocks a bunch of rune equipment wayy before you can make it, and that's deliberate-once you can make that stuff, you either need it so you can sell it, or so you can get it for free.

  9. I don't know why, but when people write articles or threads about how they're quitting, I honestly couldn't care less. It's like they just want the attention-if they only wanted to make it clear and why all they'd have to do is put something in their sig saying 'I've left Runescape-not that fun anymore'

  10. Oh, Dkin didn't make chromatics? That's interesting. Source?


    And Kethsi being a prison sounds good too.


    What does confuse me about Kethsi is the mural. I can't imagine someone putting a mural on ruins, and it looks like it was there before it was ruined. Why, then, would you show a place being destroyed by dragons (presumably to gloat) in a place that was destroyed by dragons.


    And wasn't Kethsi lost? So that also adds to the 'no mural after' idea.

  11. ... I suggest you read the thread than, cause I participated in the past many times already.



    But since no one can be expected to read every single post of the thread I'll ask again:

    Weren't the dragonkin some kind of "immortal dragon" which created metal dragons to guard as a copy of themself?


    What would that mean for the new plane being destroyed by dragons?


    I'm sorry, I meant the first post.


    here are some quotes I think relevant:


    Like the Dragonkin, Elder dragons were said to have been around since before the first age, possibly long before then. The way the passage describes them, elder dragons were supposed to be extremely powerful, much like the Dragonkin. Other than this, there is little evidence linking the Dragonkin to Elder dragons.


    Clearly this passage is talking about the mithril dragons, and the "higher power" is the Dragonkin. The Dragonkin are known to have created all dragons, including the most powerul dragon in RuneScape, the Mithril Dragons.


    Think of dragons as rivers, flowing from a single mountain. The source, material and purpose are kin.

    The stories tell of the Dragonkin being an intelligent race of bird like creatures that walked rather than used their wings. They are said to be immortal but cannot reproduce, because of this they became very afraid of death and shunned all other races. The Dragonkin made corrupted versions of themselves for protection, what we now know as dragons.



    As you can see, the original post states that Dragonkin are both immortal (in the same way as Tolkienesque elves, IE they don't age exponentially but they can die of injuries) and it points out that they made all the dragons.

  12. You can make profit and get 60k xp per hour? I'm shocked, impressed, and looking forward to trying this out myself.


    Putting down my thoughts as the video goes along:


    1. Knight's sword quest can get you quickly from 1-27 smithing.

    2. Are the xp rates with or without familiars? is the familiar a yak? I'm slightly unsure. Cleared up later on.

    3. If you aren't using an SC hammer, you should be using a golden hammer. It saves an inventory space.

    4. A contents for future videos so we can skip bits we don't care about?


    Other than that, I thought it was an interesting video revealin more to the skill than I knew. I'm sure lots of players like the sound of 99 smithing so this video can only be a good thing :) .

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