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  1. Metal dragons were created by the dragonkin weren't they?


    Weren't dragonkin in some way descendants of a certain dragon who evolved?

    Read the thread, or at least the conclusions, before you comment. You might as well not bother, otherwise.


    @OP: you didn't mention what appears to be a Dragonkin statue in Daemonheim-is it significant? The castle seems to have been destroyed in much the same way as Kethsi-looks like it was done from the air, IE by dragons, but a statue of a dragonkin complicates things.

  2. Here's an idea:


    Let's pretend I run a business gold farming with 10 different bots. Because I live in the appropriate time-zone to do this, I get 5 of my bots to choke the other 5 and vice versa immediately after the reset. As a result, they can't be choked during the day. At all.


    1 day is far too long for a reset, but 10 minutes is a complete pain. Noobs will annoy people who are grinding, or who don't answer their questions by choking them. Famous players might be paused every 10 minutes by some j(ch)oker-which would ruin the game for them.


    I think an hour or two would be a more appropriate reset length.

  3. Personally I think the idea of vampyre kryptonite makes sense. Presumably the presence of the intensely magical wood dulls a vyre's powers, lowering their defence and shunning their mind-reading abliity. that would explain why the tree is truly the vampyre's bane. Equally, perhaps the wood is able to guide the user's mind to hit harder and faster than they might normally.

  4. Yeah, a bit surprised at getting rid of the flail. Personally, I never liked the weapon. Thought it was ugly. Plus, the slivithril part of it does nothing; you're actually doing damage with the sickles, unless the slivithril just being near the vampyres makes them weak somehow.


    Also, what are the bonuses like on the blisterwood weapons? Llike, the 500 vyres killed bonus I mean. Weapons seem fairly powerful without it.

    Well, if the vyre dodges the sickle (with mind-power) then they'll be hit by the weight of it's swing affecting the rod and chain. And the rod of ivandis gives off the mortal and divine energies which in a way empowers the sickle too. I think the sivthril chain can transmit that power in a way that normal metal can't.


    (I think that's how it works, but I don't think I'm 100% right).


    What I don't get is how blisterwood weapons work with the whole vyrewatch mind-reading thing though. I haven't done the latest quest, but the point of hte flail was that it was so epically unpredictable it was bound to hurt them in a way they didn't expect: how does the player use stakes: shut their eyes and throw? Magic, with leaving your mind blank to cast? A polearm, with just being really bad at using the weapon?

  5. I went straight here after reading the update news to say this:


    What if Jagex, in their overzealous addiction to greed and capitalism (they are owned by short term investors who care more for the money than the game's reputation or its REAL players) are slowly going to start making quest guides and then:


    • 1. Demand that the fansites let them use the fansite quest guides for quests they're too lazy to write themselves or threaten to shut them down.
    • 2. After that, they will later demand that all quest guides be taken off of fansites.
    • 3. With a monopoly on quest guides, Jagex will charge a "small amount" of $0.49-$0.99 for you to be able to see said quest guide or add $1-2 a month for you to be able to use them whenever you'd like.


    You may think I'm whacked off on a high but let me ask you this: Did you ever expect Jagex to bring back Wildy/Trade with no real solutions to the original problem? Or to be more lax on the rules with the majority of their memberbase even though everything about that member base screams "ILLEGAL".


    This isn't the Jagex you love. It's not even the one you remember. It's not even the one you know. Be prepared.


    (Dont care if anyone has said this yet. I have a delay on my bright idea switch.)


    Don't be silly, don't be ignorant. Jagex has always written a guide for every quest. All they're doing is making it more available to the majority of players, rather than unlocking a paragraph a day via QuestHelp. These quest guides are detailed, have a unique 'house style' and can offer intriguing specific information, such as (as mentioned above) taunting with a gadderhammer.


    They're keen to work with fansites on this, as evidenced by their fansite programs and statement in the FAQ. However, they released this particular guide to jump-start the issue and get some helpful discussion going on. I think it's a great idea, personally, as the maps seem so much more helpful than something your average fansite will always produce and they can do it immediately.


    The guide is always done, and it's done to a professional standard. They aren't going to start nicking fansite's guides, because the devs need to write a quest guide anyway, largely so that their QA team can do it quickly and check any bugs-for example, they might not notice specially coded things if they weren't using a Jagex-written guide.


    However, fanistes have a lot more to offer than quest guides, and even in quests, they can offer a lot more than Jagex. With regard to tough bosses such as Nomad and Vanstrom your average fansite can get a storm of ideas going that will suit almost any player and be very helpful and clear. Jagex won't be doing that, because aside from telling you what the attacks are, they expect you to get on with it and not exploit mechanics. In particular, they want you to approach the content naturally, and not just stick by a pillar for the whole fight, carefully use a kyatt, and so on. Instead, they might hint that the pillars are handy for hiding from some of the stronger attacks, and that summoning would probably be a good idea.


    Jagex can hardly sue a fansite for publishing a quest guide, particularly as there are many, many fansites around now. All they can do is remove a status, whcih won't make a great deal of difference (look at Zybez-platinum is nice, but it isn't the world). They are fully aware, too, that making guides available for purchase would mean no-one reads them: something that Jagex are trying to avoid. What they're doing here is trying to make sure the work they do is even more useful to the average player, rather than being locked away behind questhelp.



    Do I expect Jagex to change? Well, yes, of course I do. Every organisation changes. Do I think I should panic, and tell people 'watch out! it's coming!'? No.

  6. Just keep going. Get into a rythm. Wear light clothing, bring a beast of burden to store your mourner gear, use a summer pie, if you can bring a friend to help you out with prayer potions and food.


    I did it at 60 agility too. Just act like it's normal to fail.

  7. I agree. I know this is a runescape discussion, but a good example of how problematic this can become is found in Minecraft. Go to a modder's forum thread and you'll see several video guides. Sometimes, the person doesnt' explain theeir mod fully, so you're stuck with viewing a really basic 2 minute video, or an unbearable 10 minute commentary sludge (and you do this like this...oh wait...let me just tab out and check that...okay...yeah, you do this like this...).

  8. I'm interested in getting hold of the necromancer set of armour, but with one condition: do I need to cremate fiyr shades to do it? That would require 80 firemaking, which I don't have, but if it needs the shade below (asyn, I think), that would mean I only need 63 firemaking (which is fine).


    So: do asyn shades, when cremated, ever drop the golden key?

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