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  1. I agree with robert, its not at all lazy.

    Not EVERYONE has to like or want to do dg regardless of the benefit of it rewards and not EVERYONE is fussed about being the best.

    Many are happy to trundle along doing this and that not making huge progress or being amazingly quick at anything but enjoying the game and having fun.


    It's certainly inefficient, but inefficiency is not the same as being lazy.



    I don't enjoy dunge and I really like my whip. Am I lazy for not grinding out the levels for a chaotic? No.

  2. Apply for their quality assurance department, you might be the lone guy there


    It's not that they don't have QA. They just don't listen to them, I remember reading several recent update FAQs where a question was 'why didn't you change this?' and the response is 'our QA dept. asked for this, and we ignored them for technical reasons'.



    Try using a dwarven axe instead :lol:


    Dwarven Axe doesn't have a knife :blink: .


    Seems the whip was massively overhyped, they should really have just made a new, non-whip weapon (that part never made sense) say just a 'mutated vine weapon' that looked like a whip but was better, no tie-in to abyssal demons. That would have been totally cool and they could have added some good stats to it instead, also the special is bad because you can run away.


    The good news is that the skilling area itself might be pretty interesting, I'd love to hear more about that, and there are several ranged weapons and other cool stuff. Looks fun!

  4. Brewing is a good way of making a weekly million if you have a bit of the stuff from trouble brewing. Just do greenman's ales, 16 glasses of the mature stuff is worth 1M and takes about 2-5 days to brew. So cheap it's practically free. Collect in glasses, NOT kegs.


    You could also try cleaning herbs with the scroll of cleansing from dung, if you can be bothered to get it (very possible at your dung level). Not sure if this is good cash anymore, but...it might be. Do some research on that, I would.

  5. As far as I can tell, bots are causing the economy to deflate. The prices of almost all items are going down, making the gold peice worth more and more.


    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but please at least give examples of how.


    As a result, I don't support more enforced money sinks, especially not when you're so vulnerable as at your grave. I do like the idea of a coffin you can 'loot' however, to regain all your items nice and quickly.

  6. My friends made pures today and got this message:




    I think they're both convinced now. In all seriousness, though, this is really desperate.



    Jagex are being bankrupted by their progress on what coul dbe up to 4 unreleased MMOs. It might seem desperate, but once they release Stellar Dawn and a bit of the pressure is off, they might be able to stop farming players so much. However, MMG will be pushing them to make money right now, as they really really need it.


    Jagex have changed their policy in response to real crunch as they bite off more than they can chew. MMG has had to change his principles a little, and instead of just adding pickpocket options and gnome gliders again, he's trying to get timely reminders put in for low level f2p of fun things they could do in p2p, so that they get adverts relevant to them.


    I think it's a pretty good scheme actually, especially if it encourages new growth in the playerbase.

  7. It must be just me, but I'm really enjoying this membership loyalty content. The idea of having one or two new items every month as a 'thank you' is a really nice idea, and I'm looking forward to getting a new costume sometime soon :) . With that said, I still thoroughly enjoy all the new content-the slug quest and the ae are a good example. Jagex is still doing good quality content, but perhaps your expectations have changed.

  8. It came in useful for a quest I was doing the other day with the inventory space it saves as doubling up as so many tools.

    Oh, I'm not saying it's useless! Far from it, I'm just saying that it's weird it has nothing useful for low level members, like a knife and a lockpick and a candle, all of which would be super helpful for the new member.

  9. TBH, this dwarven axe is useless all around.


    There's really 0 things you can do that would successfully utilize the multiple uses of the axe without sacrificing tons of exp gain.

    It's like the inferno adze, only less useful and more junky.

    Well, it saves bank space and is geat as a tinderbox, chisel and needle, none of which have tiers.


    And the axe/pick makes it a cheap thing to run the abyss with :) .

  10. The dwarven army axe: a member's only benefit comprising hatchet, pick, tinderbox, needle and chisel. All of which is very useful.


    But I noticed something, there would be nothing to stop the axe becoming f2p. And that's what confuses me, rather than making it a tool for low-level f2ps, why not add a few extra peices that would make it useful for the low level member too?


    So: the axe needs, in my opinion, 3 new features.


    1. A Knife. This doesn't get much of a look-in for f2p, but the knife is used for fletching, spiderwebs, and cooking. Along with some other stuff, like setting deadfall traps and collecting evergreen: it's a generally useful tool and it's something that I find myself using a lot-very appliciable for the all-in-one tool.


    2. A lockpick. This is a basic peice of equipment every low-level member should have to enter locked rooms and chests. Very useful, and it makes perfect sense on the army axe. Obviously since lockpicks occasionaly break this would have to be replaceable by using a lockpick on it again.


    3. A candle. You'd have to take it out to light it, but it would be stored in the handle and this would be very helpful for the low level member encountering various caves for the first time. Evidently you'll have to extinguish it to store the thing again.



    P.S. I've heard knives can be used as lockpicks. But I still think lockpicks make more sense because they'd be easier to replace on a tool like this.

  11. Great quest, nice sense of a challenge well completed with the puzzles, party mechanic worked well and allowed new things, army axe needs a knife addition, boss fight was nice but I wish we'd had to weaken the queen with a bit of combat first, given that we needed to use combat anyway it would have made sense and felt like more of an accomplishment.


    I used 5 monkfish-that was all I had. I'm glad we don't get acolyte armour, because we were given proselyte to help us do this quest. It would have been more useful if the others could use prot prayers.


    Dialogue was superb, but after-quest dialogue lacking: kimberly still underground, tiffy has no idea things ever happened.


    And Thurgo now looks like a circus performer, or perhaps Alistair Darling with white face paint?

  12. Throne of Miscellania, I think. But if you do royal trouble that will also help, you get extra workers. Bear in mind the kingdom is best left for a month or so with maples, so you get some really good seeds :) .


    Another great way of making cash each week is to brew greenman's ales. Use 'the stuff' from trouble brewing and two vats of the mature brew will net you a million each week.


    I'm also watching this topic, as I want to see what happens :) . I'm running out of moneymaking options.

  13. All I have to say is consider this:


    Would you rather your child got turned off of online gaming because of this incident,




    Becomes one of those people that does nothing with their lives but play games (like me)




    Believe me, I may know very little about parenting but I know plenty about throwing your life a way to gaming, she is much better off without Runescape.


    Just my opinion though.



    No, that's simply not true. The safest way to assure that B doesn't happen is to introduce them to it yourselves, let them enjoy it, and let them see it as a reward. If they start in secret and enjoy it guiltily they are much more likely to abuse it or get addicted.


    What's my case in point? Alcohol. Most adults I know would agree that the safest way to avoid someone abusing alcohol is to introduce it in a social, healthy context such that they learn to enjoy it responsibly, not to ban it and avoid ever talking about it or introducing it to the child. That means they'll get introduced to it by their friends, get drunk, possibly get seriously ill and potentially have real difficulty that they need not have experienced.


    Then think of botting as smoking. Again, enjoyable but this time it's destructive and will get you banned if, as you certainly will be at one point, you are not careful. Not introducing a child to botting is fine, so long as you let them know their account will be banned.


    Now to those of you calling troll: WTF? Almost every time I go on a forum about something slightly more emotional than usual, I see people say it must be a troll. Firstly, I don't see why you can't just trust people, and secondly, the troll would have nothing to gain if you all just responded in a normal, nice manner. There'd be no harm done. However, you do make yourself look like a complete [bleep] if you call troll. You assume people wouldn't open up on a forum just because you won't.


    As for the poster: Wow. I'm sorry. I don't really have any advice to offer you, since I don't know how to contact Jagex. However, there is a section on the Jagex website which is aimed at parents, I think, so you might want to look at that.

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