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  1. Corp would destroy Jad, Jad has way too little def/hp to outlast corp.


    Amazing papercrafts :thumbup:.


    Not to mention Corps area attacks would just rip Jad to shreds.


    Loving these papercrafts. I'd buy one if I like, saw one in a store IRL or something o_O



    Yeah, but Jad has an entire army of TzHaar and 4 healers as well.




    @those who say L means laugh not laugh outside: I laugh inside? Silently? *dies a little*

  2. Nope, you should save and get the zammy book.


    Here is why, the books cannot be resold. So, for example, if you ever decide to upgrade to a zammy book you have actually lost the cash you spend on the book of law. Since you won't use it anymore that cash was totally wasted. However, if you simply save for a zammy book then in the long run you will actually save the money you could have wasted on the book of law.


    Suck it up, it's only a few hours of moneymaking but you will actually save cash in the long run.


    Edit: Checked the price and it's more expensive then I remember. Either way totally worth it as you will have it forever. Save and get the zammy book.


    I would say that, but the Zamorak book is more than ten times as expensive. Totally not worth it since you could easily just specialise and get bandos, armadyl and zaros books for 5-6M alltogether. Zamorak book is 20M.


    Apart from that, the money isn't wasted as you still have a cool item with some defensive bonuses, great for outfits and indeed preaching! :) .

  3. What if Jagex actually had a bot detection system?

    I've been waiting for this. What if people didn't constantly [bleep] about it and just play the game?


    What if we could enjoy the game more without bots?

    What if you could man up and go play WoW, a game with a far simpler economy, a far better bot detection system, and far less frequent updates?

  4. I'll write feedback as I do this.


    Firstly, you need to crop the watermark sometimes. REcord an area slightly larger than you need so you can cut out 'hypercam 2' or just use camstudio or fraps-something without one.


    Second, it's worth cutting the sections of your video where you aren't saying anything. People can always pause if they can't read what you're saying fast enough. Even better is to use subtitles to explain what you're doing rather than just standing there and typing it out. Better than that is to use voice commentary, although I can understand people not wanting to do that.


    Keep the camera zoomed in so people can read what you're saying. Or use subtitles rather than RS text.


    Your guide seems to be pretty much done at 2 minutes. You bore us. Make the thing snappy.


    Finally, get accurate information. While a low-level subject, as addressed above, you haven't shown all there is to know. For example you could pay a protection price and not need to worry about watering the root. Or you could possibly put an amulet of farming on it (not certain). You didn't adress the issue of how to use compost and the difference between super and normal compost. Finally, you missed out another important aspect of farming which is the outfit that helps you most. Magic secateurs from the first fairy quest increase yield-something extremely important to a profit-based farmer-while a falador shield 2 increases the experience on those patches by 10% (the ones with elstan). Finally, an amulet of farming/nature also helps because you can bind it to certain patches.

  5. Ahhh, yes...because there's an easy mdeicine for bots.


    No one silver bullet will ever beat bots because they all work differently.


    They all work the same.... repeat and repeat.

    Ask for human interference and they wont work. (well ok some will work because they are monitored by humans but it eliminates 96%)


    No they don't. You clearly haven't had a good look at bots recently. Most of the good ones have various random actions programmed in regularly, and use a wide variance of patterns at different times. Some will log out, I believe, and log in again to replicate a human so you could set one up on holiday.


    They're more complex and better than you would believe. Human interference is also very difficult in a lot of places, for example below daemonheim. Equally public chat can be set to off,, negating that particular issue.

  6. Wear Barrow's armour, it's cheap. Dragon square shield is good for defence, dragon boots are popular, get some barrows gloves from RFD (good fun quest that), use a glory since furies are stupidly expensive, wear a neit helm if not slaying, in whcih case wear a black mask.


    If you want to get excellent melee xp I suggest you get hold of a salve amulet (e) and go train on zombie monkeys under the temple of marimbo in ape atoll.

  7. can only own 1 uber cape a time, but max you can have multiple.

    Now please show me one with a beautiful colour scheme, because i've seen those ugly pink ones(i know max can be customized so i'm hoping it's the same for comp).


    Yeah, both can be customized.


    Here is something I made :thumbdown:





    I drooled. I've never drooled at a video game before. I feel like I've lost some kind of virginity D: .

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