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  1. ok what. hunger percentage hunger warning in chatbox why.
  2. Refer a friend's 10% is doubled by dxp though!
  3. 16500. Dis 200m there back in the day
  4. o. Finally, large G tho Final Loots from Agility 3M farming xp in less than a minute??
  5. I think you should check the wording. I think as far as profit they might meant appeal. The bosses appeal as far as worth-while doing may have suffered due to low spawn rates. Many players really like the chaos elemental pet, but the spawn rate is so atrocious that the appeal, despite what players are after, has suffered. but chaos elemental has the fastest natural spawnrate of any boss, equivalent to fastest spawn in an instance...
  6. Why is chaos ele even mentioned, its 110 kph without prayer/potion these days
  7. Soul split, 2 pieces of emergency food, 17 prayer potions. Use enhanced excalibur for healing too.
  8. some dungeoneering energies work well for this. Also decorated cooking urns sometimes too
  9. Degradables cut into profit. To be fair, its been a while since I did Glacors, but at the time the best money/hour setup was dual seismics subjugation (no degradables except weapon) In those days we got at least 145 kills per hour with this setup with a legendary pet, with a possibility of up to 165 kph if a real familiar was used. It has been nerfed since then, I think the maximum these days is like 130 kph or so because they increased the hp of glacors by a bit but the setup likely remains the same. Only use your prayer potions when your prayer falls below ~60 points, sapping glacyte and sapping-mode glacor used to drain based on your current prayer (I'm not sure if this is true anymore...). You have 100% accuracy so supreme magics are better than overloads at glacors.
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