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  1. Hello, I certainly wouldn't claim myself to be as old-school as these names, I started playing in 2003. But I do have some screenshots..
  2. I slept through it. :( GFDF.
  3. SAGE


  4. See, RS isn't serious. As it is, I really only play the game a few days per week; the rest of the week I'm too busy working and having a life outside of my house. But, that's what I am enjoying. Nobody cares if I don't show up to a scheduled raid, or anything like that. I'm doing some out-of-game work for my old clan (that I never officially left), enjoying the social aspect of it, and that's about it. The game itself is a bit lol, but so what?
  5. On Proudmoore there was a Warlock named Taijutsu I think it was.. When he was not in Arena, he would be in trade calling everyone a scrub, telling people to l2p, etc. Someone even made a guild to honor him, <IDKMYBFFTAI> or something. Anyways, hi WoWers. Where's Nadril? 6 months down the track and no intent of going back to the game. Feels good man.
  6. Drop party in 10 minutes, at Party Pete's on world 102. Lots of items going into the chest.
  7. It was on this day, ten years ago, that two young Canadians founded this group of soldiers. 12/16/1999 - 12/16/2009 Ten years strong.
  8. C'mon oldbies, come out of the woodwork for this.
  9. It just made me angry because, forgetting about my performance for a moment, I'm one of those guildies who is consistent, reliable, willing to do anything to see the guild move forward, but none of it matters when it comes down to the rulebook. [bleep] me dead, I logged in last night because a bunch of raiders wanted boots made (I've been lucky with Uldy LW patters, lol).
  10. That took a while. I can't stand playing WoW for more than 3 or 4 months. Hell, last time I lasted for what -- 2? Yeah.. it has been a long time, my longest so far. I dunno, I was only logging in to raid anyway, and being denied a spot because I was 3 minutes late, when they are taking absolute scrubs in and I'm consistently in the top 5 DPS (lots of competition for first place but I win my fair share).. I kinda got pissed off. I don't blame my guild for it, the rules are there in black and white and they must be fair to the people who were there ready to go. It just made me angry in general, so I took my name off the raiding roster and have logged in maybe 3 times since.
  11. I'm officially bored with the game.
  12. I'm pretty much totally bored with the game. I only log on to raid.
  13. Myself and a guildy kitty druid pugged an OS10 the other night because we were bored and we were both 2x the nearest dps on the meters, myself on 4.8k and him on 4.6. :lol:
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