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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lyg0viIUaFM
  2. Alternately, doesn't want to play what they consider to be tedious aspects of the game (referring to casual bot users rather than professional Gold Farmers).
  3. Watched this documentary, thought it was absolutely chilling - especially 36 minutes onwards. http://freedocumentaries.org/teatro.php?filmID=226&lan=en&size=big
  4. Always need a little more racial pride. <3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnl1W66_i7M
  5. I didn't support it then and I don't support it now, though my country still has troops deployed over there and has the second highest non NATO presence (after Australia). Iraq, however, is a very different kettle of fish.
  6. I'm just floored by the level of details, especially in the flowers. They look so snuggly and cute - I will trade you 12 Camels? :-P
  7. h3art


    Certainly, but one justifies a pro-abortion stance by placing a higher value on present human life.
  8. h3art


    You draw the line at infanticide. Besides, I discount the utility of any future person at about 7%. :wink:
  9. I've been reading a lot of economics papers, honestly. Currently looking at a book called The Calculus of Consent by James Buchanan.
  10. I can think of plenty of other reasons not to be in a relationship with Woody Allen. :-) But yes, as I mentioned in immediately previous post (on another thread, no less D=) I'd have difficulty dating a heavily religious person, which is unlikely to occur anyway.
  11. I have absolutely no problem with them and have been in several. What is of more concern to me is when the cultures and religious views clash significantly, which can make things pretty hard.
  12. Fixed that for you, Cros. Found the first article inappropriate and unnecessary. You seem to be (poorly) attacking consumerism and materialism - being materially successful is a sign of *doing something right* and thus we model ourselves on those who are materially successful (via Gp,Skills etc). I'm just utterly amazed - I don't see how personal value judgements on real life events have any place in a gaming article. Keep it to yourself, thanks. :x @Sees Found myself agreeing, nothing more to say.
  13. ... a balanced selection of Gravite weaponry. And a 2h which is consistent with others. Currently it's more like graphite weaponry outside of the 2h.
  14. Amazing levels. <3: I'm currently working on a purely FtP account after getting fed up with Jagex & refusing to give them monies. I'm in the process of Dungeoneering for pretty things, and was wondering if you'd recommend the Rapier or Longsword in terms of training?
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