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  1. Okay so I did this test to see if I could run it, and everything passed besides my graphics card. It said i needed more dedicated video ram (mine says it has 64mb and it needs like 200).


    But I've seen plenty of people saying it does work and that you just need to change settings or something? Can anyone help me out with this?



    Here are my laptop specs;


    • Intel Core i3-2350M Processor (3M Cache, 2.30GHz)
    • Genuine Windows 7 Professional (64 bit)
    • 15.6" W HD (1366x768) AntiGlare, Midnight Black
    • Intel HD Graphics3000(WWAN or mSATA capable)
    • 4 GB PC3-12800 DDR3 (1 DIMM)
    • UltraNav with FingerPrint Reader
    • 320GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpm

  2. Well, title says it all. I need money making help.


    Notable items:

    Fire cape / Soul wars capes.

    Chaotic rapier.

    Extremes / Spec restores / Super antifires.

    Korasis sword.

    Polypore staff with around 2.5k charges.

    Just ask if there seems to be anything missing.



    Currently, I am killing green dragon bots and banking the bones with a tortoise.

    Even with that I only make around 200-300k per hour. Which I know I can do better.


    My plan WAS to get 85 DG and do frost dragons on foreign worlds.

    However, I'm reconsidering because 1) I dislike DG, it takes too long.. 2) Still may be overrun with legit players or even bots.


    My bank is about 150k right now.. I really need help guys.

    ALSO - Banked charms for anywhere from 75-80 summoning. Just need the cash to do so.

    Thanks, :smile:




  3. I really advise you to try ape atoll again, it is by far the best method of training ranged.


    Otherwise, if your aren't against chinning itself.. you can chin at chaos tunnel mummies.

    Another decent method is now with most/all of the bots gone you could range the chaos tunnel green dragons to gain a decent profit while training.

    Both are nice xp, obviously chinning will be better then just using a crossbow at dragons.


    Good luck :thumbup:

  4. The base slayer gear is as follows (alternatives in brackets):

    • [For all slayer monsters except those mentioned under other weapons] Chaotic rapier (whip)
    • Bandos body + legs (Verac's skirt with either fighter torso or proselyte top)
    • [Depending on prayer/accuracy needs] Fire cape/Soul Wars cape/Ardougne cloak 3
    • Barrows gloves (your best rfd gloves, at least rune)
    • Dragon boots (rune boots)
    • Amulet of fury (glory)
    • Dragon defender (rune defender)
    • Berserker ring (i)/ferocious ring if slaying in Kuradal's Dungeon (berserker ring, warrior ring)
    • [Most important] Full slayer helmet.
    • [For magic defence on waterfiends/aquanites] Karil's top and elite void skirt (black dragonhide body and chaps)
    • [Crush attacks to use on waterfiends] Chaotic maul (Saradomin sword, Zamorakian spear)
    • [stab attacks for higher-levelled dragons, when not using rapier] Korasi's sword (Zamorakian spear, leaf-bladed sword)
    • Task-specific items such as mirror shields, antifire shields/potions, elemental shields, rock hammers, crystal chimes
    • Cannon (optional, up to personal preference)

    Slayer setups generally emphasise strength bonus, which increases the average damage of each succesful hit (slayer monsters usually having rather low defence, hitting is not a problem). Secondly, prayer bonus is important to keep the cost of prayer potions down (as you slay with piety on, to increase the speed of your kills. This is cost-effective and highly recommended). As a rule of thumb, +10 prayer bonus or above is good, but don't overdo it (anything above +20 is a waste). Defence and accuracy bonus are usually not fretted over (any defence bonus over 200 will do; if you get hit too often you should be using a protection prayer). Dagganoth, black demon, black dragon, lesser demon, hellhound, bloodveld and spectre tasks should be cannoned, as it dramatically increases xp rates (although it costs a bit).


    Some notes on gear: You'll want a fury and a berserker ring before you get bandos plate, and get that before tassets. You'll want accuracy bonus on higher-levelled dragons; if using stab attacks (which you should) you can use the Ardougne cloak 3 which provides you with +6 stab and +6 prayer bonus. Torso + sw cape and fire cape + proselyte are common cheap top/cape combinations; the former is better.


    Some levels to get for slayer (in approximate order but I'm not sure on the summoning):

    • 70 prayer and King's Ransom - piety
    • 68 summoning - bunyip
    • 81 dungeoneering (you need 2 million xp, which takes you to level 80, but allowing some tokens for the scroll of life) - rapier
    • 89 herblore (85 with a +4 stew boost) - extreme potions, superantifires
    • 95 prayer - turmoil and soul split
    • 88 summoning - unicorn
    • 96 herblore (91 with a +5 stew boost) - overload
    • 99 summoning - steel titan

    I'm sure I missed something but this is most of it.


    That's the basics. In general, the gear you have is the bare minimum but quite effective. If you have enough spare cash to buy BCP, get it, and again for tassets. Sell it for the next item on the list above once you have enough wealth to get it without compromising your basic (current) gear and a 5-10m cashpile or so (to afford cannonballs etc.).


    Wow, thanks for the awesome answer. My questions regarding gear are answered.


    Now, does this sound right -

    Get extremes/Rapier. Then get cash for a fury/berserker ring. Now, instead of buying bandos at this point, should I try and get cash for OVL before I buy bandos?

  5. First, the Herblore question. Right now I am 71 Herblore and I want to know around how much it would cost to get 85, I currently have 30M.




    Now, the Slayer question.

    Right now this is my gear for almost all tasks.


    Full Slayer helm.


    Pros. top. I use veracs if I have to "tank".

    Pros. legs. Same for above.

    Dragon Boots.

    Barrows Gloves.

    Whip. I am currently DG'ing for a Rapier.

    Fire cape.

    Dragon Defender.


    Now what I want to know is should I get some more cash and buy Bandos and continue slaying until I can afford extremes. Or, would it be better to buy extremes and then save for Bandos?

    (Hope this all made sense).



    Thanks In Advance.

  6. I just want to know roughly how much cash it would take to be able to buy the level to stew to make extremes (I hope that made sense).


    I am currently 71 herblore, and I also have about 18m to spend.


    If I do have enough cash, what is the best method for me?


    If I do not have the cash, what level could I get?



    Thanks in advance,

  7. All I can say is WOW. Diddnt expect such an awsome post.


    And I really cant have that fancy stuff.

    I only have 5m total bank and most of it is in gear.

    my plan is to save up for bandos then evantually sell that and get either turmoil or extremes/ovl

  8. Hi, I want to know what gear would be the best for me to do slayer.


    First - I will be Dg'ing for a Chaotic rapier so that takes care of weapon.

    I will also list my current gear.


    Helm, Slayer Helm (Full).

    Amulet, Glory (Loan fury sometimes).

    Platebody, Fighters torso / Pros. when needed.

    Platelegs, Veracs skirt / Pros. when needed.

    Boots, Dragon

    Cape, Soul Wars (Every task unless I range, which is rare).

    Shield, Dragon defender / Anti D shield for dragon tasks.


    I will evantually be saving for bandos, im pretty sure thats the best gear I can use.

    But, im far off of that goal.. so..

    What gear is best? Or am I good right now?



    Thanks in advance :thumbup:

  9. At 54 runecrafting, laws are your best ammo bind, but you should seriously consider getting 70.


    Get the last two attack levels. There's a bigger difference between gorg and prom than there is between prom and primal.


    Train attack at either zombie monkeys or black demons.


    Was gonna go to Armoured zombies.


    And, is the time it would take to get 70 RC really worth it?

  10. Ok, Ill start off with saying that my current binds are - Gorg 2h, Gorg Platebody, and law runes.


    I obviously know that when I get a SSH that I get rid of the platebody.


    I need to know if I should take the time to get 90 attack for a Prom 2h. Im currently 88 attack and I plan and doing DG for 85+ (In DGS).

    OR, if I should just keep my Gorg 2h and start doing DG right away


    Training attack would go somewhat fast, I have salve amulet (e), void, and a whip.



    Second, What would the best ammo bind be? Right now, I have law runes bound and Im only 54 RC.



    Thanks in advance, :thumbup:

  11. May I ask, why is DGS no longer recruiting?


    Was really hoping to join. :wall:


    We're always open to Tipiters. The clan page is just meant to deter random players from joining. :thumbup: I should clarify that in the guidelines, as this is the second or third time there's been confusion over it.


    Oh, Ok :-D


    Now, a little while back I beilieve the RS clans page said that nobody should join without atleast 70 DG, is that still in place? Or am I allowed to join with 67 DG?

  12. I need to know what I should do for XP, and roughly how long it would take to achieve this.


    I have 5m total to spend (For now).

    I am currently 87 and my goal is 90. So what should I do for XP at my level, and roughly how long would this take?


    I do NOT care if all of the cash is used.



    Now say that I have that.. what should be done from 90-94, and how long would this take?



    Thanks in advance.

  13. I want to know whats the best way to get a Shadow silk hood.


    I have heard that doing floors 30-35 is where most spiders are seen.

    Now, is it better to do those floors on a large/Small/Medium? And, if it is Smalls. Is it best to do it alone?

  14. A method I have found to work pretty well is actually killing Rev Dung bots and looting their bones/hides if you wanted both.

    I honestly pick up both and depending on how many bots are there I may just pick up bones.




    Picking up both IMO, is better then just bones.

  15. Im not sure how accurate this is but I have heard that using a cannon with welfare gear in the Rev Dungeon can get 200+ crimsons/Hour.

    Waterfiends are still one of the best charm droppers. Just use Dhide/Karils with a ZSpear and pray ranged.

    Bursting/Barraging Rock lobsters is also one of the best, im not sure how many you can get per hour though.



    Hope I Helped :shades:

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