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  1. I will train all my levels over 90 now, some combat and then I'll restart my Runecrafting. I am not sure about future Dungeoneering... I will train combat stats to a point, where Dungeoneering would finish the rest up. I plan to get 99 Fishing next, followed by 99 Smithing.
  2. something very drastic happened in my life, im gone for a while
  3. i work a little during summer but university offficially starts in september, then i will be restricted to play very little, february maybe :D? i aim to get 70m xp by the end of august
  4. btw got 110 dung today as well, i will make a post with all videos as soon as they are uploaded
  5. If you want to know what I do during Dungeoneering, check out my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Nuffbutmage I have recorded a full run and will post the videos very soon
  6. I will upload a full run at Yt now, will take over the day.. 3h30min :D, rendering kills my pc omg, ill upload one by one, will be done anytime soon
  7. sonic, my best one was a f26 1:42 in time 8,6k there is very little possible improvement, perfect scenario would be only doors, 10 roomer and rammernaut as boss where you hit perfectly and that on f29, this might result in 9,5k-10k at max in under 2min in that small i had 10 rooms and rammernaut as boss and no guardian doors, only key doors and easy and fast tk doors 180k/h+ on a small is pretty common with karl :)
  8. Youtube Account: Nuffbutmage No videos yet, first vid will be a dg video. I will release it on Monday :D
  9. deyan2, sorry for a late response but i decided not to confront me with rs the past two weeks, i dont train the most efficient way in all skills btw, i ve posted a month or so about the misstrack on runetracker and made a statement (no i didnt get rolledback or so :) dw, its a very weird glitch), please look for my post in the f2p general discussion thread i will also soon make a videos where i show my training methods for all skills, that will not include perfect efficiency, but i guess thats the purpose, technically resting while smithing would save time, yet i refuse to do it, i will slowly come back to my xp rates and maybe will mention maximum gains/h if ive tested and im sure i did well although it would easily allow my budget to do so im not looking to get 200m prayer, im thinking of 200m crafting atm though :), but thats far away in the future in other words, im back, i will continue my playstyle and will try to get used to vidding very quickly and hopefully post a vid in the next few days, and thanks for all the people who voted on the poll, very nice to see a great feedback for something i would really enjoy doing heyheyhey :D
  10. hey guys im gone for 2 weeks now due to university "vacation" project, will end up being a lot of work :/ today i didnt have time for larges so i did a small, pretty good xp/h :D okay bye all cya soon :)
  11. okay ill be gone now cheers people, vids are on when im back and thanks for the feedback again, this keeps me motivated a lot, 2 weeks of work and even more stress :/, cheers have a nice meantime all!
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