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  1. How long will it take doing strength from 85 to 99 by doing pest control?
  2. How long does 99 runecrafting take around, just curious as I might do it for my next 99? <3
  3. Does anyone know when it'll be back? What is actually wrong with R.S? Sooo livid.. :thumbdown:
  4. The time wasted from this doesn't matter, its just the fact that there was no warning, and they haven't gave us a time period..
  5. I still can't log in! So livid! Considering I could have got 90 woodcutting today.. Doesn't appear to be happening today.. #-o
  6. Hello, I'm thinking about starting a clan with one of my mates (username:sean-parry94) Just looking for advice on recruiting and tips on keeping it fresh, It'll mainly be an advice clan, although there will be the occastional clan event to take part in. If you want to Join add Leofric Fae to discuss further, I'm not that serious about playing although I do use it often Taa' :D :D
  7. Never used this in my life, didn't know it even existed till around an hour ago.. :shock:
  8. I've always wondered what is the hardest 99? Give me your opinions guys! :thumbsup:
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