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  1. Stop being a drunk idiot. She should of left you for cheating on her. No sympathy from me.
  2. Okay, here goes. I used to play a game called Eternal Lands, and one of my friends there was named Immerentis I stopped playing EL, and went to world of warcraft, and decided to use the name Immerentis The public test realms opened, and I made 4 characters: Immer, Immar, INNAR, Inner. I come to RS, and I try to make Innar, taken, so I decided to add "Xx xX" on the ends :D And there ya go
  3. Thank you :) Just what I needed to know
  4. Does anyone know what level you stop burning X food?Like, have a list? I mostly need to know Lobster, Tuna, Salmon, and Swordfish. If it means anything I've never been p2p Thanks :D
  5. I like the style of em, and Nike's etc don't fit my feet. The tongue is very comfortable on the top of your foot, too :D
  6. Vans, comfy as anything, stylish too :D
  7. ^Thats scary. Yea the do I look fat in this.. If you have to ask,YES.
  8. Those 6 words are all you gotta say. Oh and I thought you left,good job!
  9. :cry: One of few rs players in nova scotia has died,I'm surprised it wasn't on the news or anything since a suicide is a big thing in Nova Scotia (where I live). All the best to his family. Oh,please put this tag in your signature if possible --R.I.P Jason--
  10. Err...Wow...Excactly like that! Very nice signature there. I dont have the 60k atm :oops: but would you take 200 natures instead? My username is bobert290. So just drop me a line. Thanks P__u_r_p_l__E EDIT: Very speedy business,a please buying a signature from you. Thanks!
  11. Ok.. Can i have one that is Sort of like your sig?Basically i mean a ball and incorporate it into the sig someway.Font would be P__u_r_p_l__E,And i would like the colors to be Purples. Ill give 60k for it,if thats not enough,please tell me =) Thanks P__u_r_p_l__E
  12. Now do i have to pay for mine? :(
  13. Hi,I would appreciate if you could make me a sig!I would like there to be a mage Shooting A Fire Bolt at A skeleton.The mage could have full blue wizard robes But black plate,And purple gloves,and a fire staff.And for the text just put Zezzy_Rej3ct.Thanks!
  14. P__u_r_p_l__e


    Poo i wanted the first one but oh well =S
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