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  1. Sy_Accursed
    lol I swear at the rate I'm going (other than the item and monster databases) its harder to find a page where I've not got a credit on tip.it XD
    Maybe I should see how long it takes me to find errors or overlooked info and thus get credits on every page?
  2. Sy_Accursed
    Wow I was just sitting here realised how long I've been playing rs.
    With it starting early 2001, which is when I started playing I'd of been only 11 years old.
    Yet here I am 20 years old and still just as in love with the game as ever.
    I suppose I have a lot to thank rs for, after all my very first novel idea when I was12 borrowed a lot from RS. And through writing that and redrafting it many times over the years I learnt a lot about writing and progressed a lot. Heck a turned a series of 12 yr olds short stories into and 10,000 word novel. Then redrafted into a 50,000 word manuscript and again into a full 90,000 word manuscript; with enough story and plot to continue into 4 more full manuscripts.
    Weird thing to think about =]
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