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  1. Not really the point was:


    For fun and teamwork its a fun mini-game however it is lacking in rewards and is difficult to track down in order to play. Plus it makes no profit opposed to normal fishing which makes it undesirable in training terms if u want max profit (opposed to say swars and sc whihc save u dosh inb the long run)


    The flaw being many of the bad point are only bad if you view it as a minigame, which it is not, as a D & D thoose "bad" points are perfectly in-keeping and not such an issue.

  2. Yeah Fish Flinger is a distraction and diversion not a minigame. A fact which invalidates pretty much all your arguments.


    D&Ds aren't meant to be waited for they are stumbled upon, they arent to give epic rewards just a bit of fun and usually epic xp compared to pretty much any other training method. A exception to the rule is familarisation but tht still gives epic xp indirectly via double charms

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