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  1. You can trade in the pouches to Bogrog which returns 70% of the shards used the pouch, which is worth more than the alchemy value.




    High alching pouches is a plain bad idea.

    There are a good amount of pouches that sell for more than they cost to make in the GE and any that don't you turn in at Bogrog which heavily offsets the cost of shards.


    Essentially if you are making a pouch that requires 100 shards you only have to buy 100 shards per pouch for the first lot.

    You then get 70 shards per pouch back thus making future pouches only need 30 shards to be bought.


    Also writing off an entire skill based on it being intentionally a bit of a money sink to train is insane - many familiars are extremely useful thanks to their skill boosting properties, item carrying functions or combat uses.

  2. Yeah as Arceus said all stats and progression from whenever you quit will still be there on your account, but that account is for the main game - RS3.

    OSRS is an offshoot game which launched around 4 years ago now and whilst you can login with the same account details it is its own game that starts from blank.


    As for having to pick a new name and not being able to chose your original name that is simple - they remove display names from inactive accounts periodically to free them up for current users. Your display name must've been taken in this manner and thus when you came back you had to pick a display name and couldn't re-use your old one as someone else has already taken it.

  3. To me pokemon go is now just a thing the odd "kooky" friend goes on about and I just nod and smile and carry on chaining Mareanies or w/e to finish my livingdex, which is a mighty shame really.


    It was sort of okay when it first launched, but the fact they didn't get much needed improvements out quite quickly and actually ruined crucial features just made it too much of a "lets check my phone" oh theres ANOTHER ratata here? How nice.


    I mean multiplayer as mentioned would've been a big help but also offline functionality - as in don't make me have the app open to count steps, create notifications on my phone if I go i range of pokemon I haven't caught or specific pokemon I chose to be notified of etc.

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  4. To me the thing that kind of signed the death warrant of Pokemon Go is it fails of both fronts.


    It's a tad too complicated, with poor explanations of how anything works and very unforgiving on new players once gyms have high level players sitting in them for your casual gamer to really get all that hooked on it. Especially when you factor in the spawn areas set for the various pokemon make it very hard to get a meaningful collection going without a lot of travel, unless you are very lucky with where you live.


    But then on the flip side they striped out too much of what makes pokemon, well, pokemon to really capture the pokemon game fans and hold on to them - for them it just sort of became a quick fix of pokemon to tide them over between ORAS and Sun & Moon.

  5. There isn't really any way to turn it off as far as I am aware. You can click the x icon on the treasure chest popup on your screen, but I believe you have to do that almost every login.


    You have to do it literally every log on if you have keys available. In my experience daily keys available sometimes even re-appears on world hops too.

  6. If your aim is to get vine herb seeds from the offering stone then yes you need to give Papa Mambo a striped vine (camo jads) to ward off the common jadinkos before you claim, otherwise the drop table of seeds will contain more than just vine herb seeds.

  7. I'm not really sold on the route they decided to go with these for "in-game access"


    TH - Anyone at any level can get an outfit useful for training the skill.



    You have to get level 70 AND talk to a specific NPC to unlock the ability to even get fragments through RNG whilst training plus the blueprint.

    You then need level 80 smith, craft and div plus enough inspiration to discover the blueprint.

    Then you need level 80 in the outfits given skill to make the outfit pieces, which are utterly randomised to encourage trading.


    Realistically speaking by the time you have enough fragments to make 15 pieces to obtain the actual elite outfit your likely going to be pretty much done with the skill - assuming "done" is 99 since this is the the logical end point for a lot of people.



    In my opinion the ought to have done a much simpler that from around level 10 you start getting fragments and can form them into outfit pieces without any other requirement and then have the fragments on a rarity curve so that they are quite rare at lower levels but should you reach mid-70s and still have pieces to obtain they'll be coming out of your ears.


    I think they thing that I find most stupid/annoying about this is that it is clearly being done to avoid a sales drop of people going for the outfit in the first place on TH - but honestly I can't see it impacting sales that much however they implement it. People unwilling to spend to get them already hold off and wait for vic and thaler rotations, the people who do spend want the immediate gratification of the outfit and honestly I cannot see many people from the later group who are going to change their pattern and stomach a 4 month wait.

  8. I recall an event that was touted as a great inferno once upon a time that was hyped for days on the forums, but the one I recall amounted to about 5 people lighting a few lines of fire and they quickly let the thread die as there were no great pictures of some epic inferno to  back up the hype.

  9. This is good news really and it does sound like they are committed to it.


    Other comments confirmed it'd be ironman friendly, not vic and not thaler - plus the commitment to the first two being out in a fortnight.


    Lets hope they stick to their word so over Nov/Dec we see Shark, Camo and Div get placed and that in Feb we see word on this dg one.

  10. They haven't really revealed much but they have mentioned choices that alter the out come and something to do with the Mahjarrats race being doomed.


    My guesses in terms of choice will be Zaros is guaranteed survival, we will have a say in whether Zammy makes it or not and there'll be something around the various Mah tribes and whether we doom the Mahjarratt to die out or do something that means they can breed again.

  11. Wonder if they're going to be able to squeeze in both Children of Mah and Sliske's Endgame by the end of this year since there are no quest releases this month.


    Official release windows are November for Children of Mah and December for Sliske's Endgame.

    Both are already in dev by different teams so shouldn't be an issue unless there are unforseen delays.

  12. Does this 'arc' have anything to do with Ports? Because I have not noticed anything different with ports but apparently this arc is on it's second release here...


    Yes and No.


    It is to do with ports in so much as the Arc is a region you send voyages to with ports, and one of the reward shop items is to buy ports resources.


    But at the same time no because it is an entirely separate thing to ports that is allowing us to physically go to the islands themselves.

  13. I'm kinda curious to see how the dungeoneering xp outfit will work given the need/desirability to wear other items in dg.


    Like is it going to be an inventory hog you put on just b4 u end a floor?

    Is it going to have sort of stats inside dg to make it so you can wear it?

    Will it perhaps inherit stats from/merge with your bound items and/or armour?


    Lots of potential ways they could make it function to maximise use, but the easiest (and dumbest) will the the straight up inventory hogging you wear this or your armour

  14. I fail to see how a collision engine would be any use in runescape as it stands, that kind of system is for dynamic animations/actions that need to react when they, well, collide with other stuff.


    Runescape as it's heart is a grid based game with pre-defined animations. Before they could even consider some sort of collision engine they would need to re-write the entire game to be non-grid based and to use dynamic animations and then write a physics engine to define the properties of everything so they behave properly when they made them collide.


    And overall I just fail to see the point in even having it as a goal, yes it means were not at the bleeding edge of what graphics can do, but then no mmorpg is really, even wow etc all rely on pre-defined animation cycles with no actual collision engines and the game looks plenty good enough imo.

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  15. Well, the game used to be a MUD thing, not really sure about early access back then. But the game did exist in 1999.

    DeviousMUD, was never properly publicly released. There was a 1998 version that was never available, which only Andrew got to play, and a 1999 version that had a 1 week beta online. There are only about 20 people who ever played DeviousMUD and they are mostly friends/family of the Gowers from the time. After that beta DeviousMUD basically went dark until it re-appeared and was properly launched as Runescape in 2001.


    Also of an interesting side note on early years timelines Jagex website claims the company was founded in Dec 2001, but Company House records indicate the company was incorporated as Meaujo (492) Limited in early 2000, before being renamed to Jagex Limited in mid-2000.

    Yet to add even more confusion to matter Jagex.com existed in 1999 referring to itself as a small software company and was owned by the Gowers and is where many of the pre-Runescape java games they made appeared.


    So basically the tl;dr of it all to do with why the copyrights mention 1999 is that Jagex came into existence in the public domain in 1999 with some java games and a brief DeviousMUD beta, but Runescape itself didn't kick off until 2001.

  16. So Google decided to kill web hosting via drive and I CBA to set something else up.


    So instead I've made a zip file you can download and just open the html file for it to work in your browser, I've also ported it to a native android app form.


    Whilst doing this I took the opportunity to make some usability upgrades:

    • Vague Hints is now in a floating box you can hide to avoid confusion when quickly pressing stuff mid-round
    • Quick Summary is now also in a floating box you can hide so its always on hand if you want, but not in the way if you don't
    • Updated all the tables to use some floating properties to make the design collapse to make the whole thing usable on smaller screens with less hassle - been doing test builds on my tablet and phone. Tablet isn't much different but just a bit slicker. Phone is usable, not as easy as bigger screens but usable none the less. Benefit is it works on the web version as well so you can size ur browser window however you'd like.
  17. Of course it is still sort of true that the higher your level the harder it is to catch pokemon as when you are higher levelled you generally encounter higher levelled pokemon and thus have worse capture rates.

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