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  1. I feel like one of the biggest issues remaining within Pokemon Go is the limitations on what spawns where - it's something trading will hopefully deal with and I get it is meant to encourage you to explore and travel but the reality of these designs is very Japan-centric I find.


    Like In Japan you can quite easily travel and hit all the different terrain types that trigger various types to spawn because it is quite a small country with insane transport links - which feeds into why most pokemon regions to date have been based off parts of their country with the diverse enviroments. But for the rest of us it's like oh good I need to go half way across the country at great expense to even have a chance of seeing this pokemon.

  2. Niantic certainly did a good job of ruining a core part of the game by killing the tracker AND then killing emergent gameplay that provided a viable alternative.


    But my god that sub has taken it to toxic extremes - yes it blows and yes it impacts how you can play the game but it certainly isn't a world ending death warrant at this stage.

  3. In my experience Jagex are one of the best companies out there for actually engaging with their customer base, taking on feedback, changing things, responding the bug reports etc.

    Sure sometimes they might be a bit slow on turn around and get things annoyingly wrong in the first place, but on the whole good at getting them fixed.


    That kind of attitude you are showing is the attitude that won't get anything sorted, sure Jagex won't give back the xp you say you lost or whatever, but if you submit a bug report they will look in to the issue and fix anything that is broken.

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  4. The xp tracker as we once knew it is gone. It's been replaced with a RuneMetrics display. It functions basically the same, but doesn't show xp gains as they happen so no more "+50xp". If you turn on 'lightweight mode' (which makes the HUD display transparent) and 'precise values' and set the number of skill rows to 3 it will look pretty much the same as it did before.

    xp drops coming back on monday

  5. To me Pokemon Go has 2.5 big flaws to it at the moment:


    1) The supply of items - if you happen to not be in a area with anything considered worthy of being a pokestop you are boned for items unless you want to spend irl cash

    1b) As a consequence of this healing sucks. Like the items are good and all but could we not have like the tried and true pokecenter built in to the game some how. Like maybe at a pokestop you can pick items or heals.

    2) The need for the app to be open - I'd play sooooo much more if it just like ran in the background and buzzed me a notification to say AMG THERES A HORSEA NEAR YOU the need to constantly have the game open is just plain annoying unless you intend to go and sit in some park or something because you know a bunch of stuff spawns there.


    Other than that it is a good basic mobile game to which they can (and are planning too) add more features.


    Personally I think the one failing of this event in terms of glorifying cheating and what have you was the inclusion of Durial.


    You could've had the pking massacre and some giant spawn monster periodically to remember the events without making it "Durials spirit" and a giant Durial which does in some ways validate what he did.


    That'd be silly; it was a player killing everyone, not TzTok-Jad. That's part of what made it such a memorable event. Having an actual player running around killing everyone was way spookier and more exciting than an NPC would've been



    But the "spirit" wasn't anything other than a mechanic to turn a special form of pvp on and the giant durial was in fact an npc aka a monster.


    You could've used a player-style npc without it being specifically Durial. They have a bunch of them from all manner of cut scenes and what not already. Heck you could ever of made it LOOK like Durial without expressly naming it as such.


    I'm not suggesting the even should've been fundamentally different, just sans Durial specific references ie capture the memory of the event and what happened without glorifying the name of a specific rule breaking bug abuser.

  7. Personally I think the one failing of this event in terms of glorifying cheating and what have you was the inclusion of Durial.


    You could've had the pking massacre and some giant spawn monster periodically to remember the events without making it "Durials spirit" and a giant Durial which does in some ways validate what he did.

  8. You most definitely fight an Adamant Dragon in the Dragonkin lair - hence why the dragonkin lair is a location to find Adamant Dragons post-quest and why they have drops exclusive to that location relating to the backstory/lore of the Dragokin featured via their journals.

  9. I took the liberty to ask Jagex Support how they deal with VPN and potential bans. According to them, they hardly issue bans based on VPN or IPs. As such, it makes it unlikely that your account is banned for either of the possibilities suggested. Are you sure that you didn't bot at all in any point?




    Worth throwing out there auto-talkers and tools such as auto-hotkey where you generate more than 1 outcome from 1 button press are considered forms of botting.


    For hotkey, for example, if you had 1 button press move the mouse to X AND click that is a form of botting.

    It has to be 1 input to 1 output ie 1 key to move the mouse 1 key to click it.

  10. Afaik it hasn't worked for quite sometime - since they last made some tweaks to the adventurers log.


    The fact they've recently moved the whole thing over to runemetrics changing the webpage yet again would just further ensure it is broken.

  11. Simply put the very definition of a false positive is "An error in some evaluation process in which a condition tested for is mistakenly found to have been detected". In other words, the test for botting yielded an incorrect ban, even if the criteria for the ban was met (sharing an IP with a botter via a VPN). Regardless of whether the system is generally accurate or not, that is the literal definition of a false positive. To add to this, that's how a false positive works, once again literally everywhere. If I take a drug test and I fail it, even though I don't use drugs, that's a false positive, regardless of if it was tripped because I ate a poppy seed bagel (your definition), or for no reason at all.


    Your definition encompasses part of the idea of a false positive, but it is far too narrow. If a test yields a positive for a condition being met, when that condition is not met in reality, a false positive has occurred. 


    Regardless, this line of discussion isn't germane to the topic at hand anyway and so it doesn't bear continuing. The goal is to see if Jagex is willing to consider that their system, as is true for any system, is imperfect, and account for that. If so, great. If not, well at least I tried.


    You are right the very definition is that an error in an evaluation process mistakenly finds the required condition to be present.

    But that is not the case here, assuming the VPN thing is the right reason.


    The system detected botting. This was correctly detected.

    The system flagged that a specific ip was getting a lot of hits.

    Jagex took the decision to ban that ip to solve the problem.


    That Ip did correctly meet the conditions.

    The botting system did correctly find botting on accounts using that ip.

    Therefore it is not a false positive - the system detected everything perfectly correctly.


    The only flaw is that the chosen outcome - banning an entire ip because of a lot of botting - inevitable hits some accounts that did not bot. But this does not mean the system itself generated a false positive because the test DID find the correct conditions, just not on your account. Your account was just collateral damage in the action taken to deal with what the system found against that ip.


    You are calling it a false positive because you personally did not bot, but that is only true if the evaluation process ran against your account specifically. If the evaluation ran against a number of other accounts and did find botting on them then it was not a false positive - it is just a case that there was a significant enough number of cases against that ip that the decision was made to do a wholesale ip ban which inevitable catches a few innocent accounts in with the larger number of accounts that triggered the ip being flagged in the first place.

  12. But it's not a false positive just because you did not bot. A false positive implies that something has triggered it that should not have - just because YOU didn't personally bot does not mean it is by any means incorrect that an ip you happened to use via VPN was in fact caught botting on numerous accounts resulting in the higher level of action of an ip-wide ban being put into place.


    Yes it may suck if you did not do anything, but that is the risk of using a VPN and unfortunately there is no better solution in this world as you have to work on the assumption a specific ip relates to a specific geographic location and therefore a specific user. You can't tip-toe around and not issue ip bans if there is significant issues coming specifically from that ip address.


    It's not like its a tactic just Jagex uses, it's common place in many companies that find the need to ban users and it's not even the most severe form - companies (Jagex included) will outright ban/block entire countries if they are causing a significant enough issue. There was a user on this very forum who lost many accounts purely because they lived in a country that is a hotspot for companies that pay people to farm gold as a job.

  13. I fail to see how it shows Jagex system is inaccurate.


    If botting offences happen in a reasonbly high number for ip X then it is perfectly reasonable and accurate to ban all accounts using ip X and block ip X from making further accounts.


    It is just an unfortunate side-effect that if ip X happens to be part of a VPN network that botter(s) were using to avoid getting their real ip banned that any other person who happened to use that ip via that vpn will be caught up in the ban.


    Doesn't mean Jagex's bot detection was wrong or inaccurate, they probably have perfectly good reasons for banning that ip en-mass. It is simply unfortunate that as you used the ip you also get caught up in that.

  14. Just clicking to so you can afk stuff is not going to be at all related to the ban tbh.


    I have spent many many many hours just wiggling the camera or clicking occasionally during my years of maxing skills and many many many people are doing exactly that right now for "fishvention"


    They do have a forum thread to post on to ask for botting bans to be reviewed, though I have to say in all my time around fansites and forums I have yet to see one person who got banned for botting actually manage to get un-banned or realistically prove it was a false positive and in the majority of cases when the user is probed they eventually reveal that they "just" did this or that or only for x time.


    Of course VPN could be a very real problem for you because all it takes is for 1 person to bot on that ip address and they can decided to ban all accounts that have used that ip address because under normal circumstance same ip = same user.

  15. I think most of the sub-forums made sense once upon a time, but now with declining activity it certainly couldn't hurt to smush some of them back together.


    Off the top of my head I'd say:

    TMHT could go.

    Questionnaries could merge back into gen discussion.

    Market place could probably be done away with because it's dead

    Archive of Wisdom and General Guides could merge

    Data and Research could go.

    RS Media could merge into gen disscussion.

    OS guides & tips could move over to the main gen guides area.

    Gen disussion could be renamed/relabelled to make it clearly for RS3, Chronicle and Idle Adventures

    Community Created Tools is a dud, stick em in gen guides.

    Clans section is kinda a dud, merge it all into one and be done with it.

    Swiftkit forum is a bit eh - kinda dead but it has a use.

    DG sweeper is like super dead, especially since the tool pretty much doesn't work properly anymore and hasn't been fixed/updated in years at this stage.

    The whole "community feedback" section could be merged into 1 forum with how quiet it is really - maybe just have sub-forums for "done" "rejected" and "in progress" to move suggestions/corrections into.

    Off-Topic is relatively okay, sport & fitness is a bit dead, the tech sub-forums are a bit redundant as is the art subforum.


    I'd say if you did those changes it'd make things look and feel a bit tidier and less dead and given a few months to see how things go you could probably condense even further.

  16. Yes, higher tier armor drains more charges and ultimately gives more experience for siphoning/disassembling. If I recall correctly it's around a 30% difference between the lowest level (t70) and highest (t90) gear.


    To my knowledge drain rate is NOT effected by tier.


    Though you will see most higher tier having a higher drain rate simply because they are degrading gear and their degrade gets replaced by drain rate, before you even put augment drain rates on.

  17. The more of these cases I do the more I hope the pr line about using our investigative skills from these cases in Kindred Spirits is just pr.


    Because my god these cases are the dumbest thing ever - we've had a case whose entirety consisted of talking to Aggie for Zaros sake! And most of the other cases are so illogical it hurts, Sally was kidnap at the mine? Let me look into it. Hmmm this random stone pillar in the corner of the mine full of scorpions has claw marks on it. By joves I've got it! The scorpions kidnapped Sally! I best kill one.

  18. Todays case was the most stupid thing ever.


    Omg Skippy is missing, let investigate!


    Hhmmm a vial, skippy has vials.

    Hmmm a chime coin, EASTERN LANDS OCCURED

    Hmmm a boot with foot prints leading in to the ocean


    Well Skippy walked off into the ocean with some random person, case closed, Skippy is in the ocean.

    Aren't I just the best detective ever.

    Where is my pay cheque?


    Oh wait you wanted me to FIND the missing person?

    In the ocean with someone from the Eastern Lands is not precise enough?

    You want me to actually see Skippy and discover who he went off with and why?

    Well lady you came to the wrong detective agency, we deal with the where and absolute nothing more and I can say with at least 25% certain based on 3 items I found on the beach that Skippy is in the ocean.

  19. Yeah Longs is basically a looks thing - of the 3 people (generalising cuz obv personal taste) think Longs look best. So people want longs because they look cooler.

    This makes longs more expensive than the others.

    So then the people who want to look cool in terms of wealth and don't care about looks also want them to show they can afford them.


    It is surprising Rapiers still hold the middle ground really because Maces have the prayer bonus boon to them and Longs have the fashionscape/show off boon but rapiers are just like eh they exist.

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  20. Yeah the sub-type is pretty meaningless once you hit t90 so drygores it basically boils down to public opinion and cost:


    Mis-matched set - WTF are you doing go home and think about what you have done.

    Maces - I can have drygores yay

    Rapiers - I'm not some poor mace user, look at my majesty.

    Longs - Uh-huh cool story bro I got dem longs I r rule all.

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