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  1. Wiki is a bit mis-leading on it:


    You have a series of clue voyages that you do (picking the right islands etc) for that adventurer to learn the location of some special island/thing.


    Once you complete all the clue voyages you then get a new voyage that appears in the special voyage rotation that offers that specific reward.


    ie once you do the clue voyages they aren't ever repeated, instead they have unlocked access to a new special voyage that can appear just like any other.

  2. So that was eventful!


    I'm curious how the choices near the end affect things


    I let Iccy get the kill and he is now joint second with Arma and Rago. If you let Death get the kill does he join the score board?

    Also epic misleading when the dialogue asks who to let kill nomad and then they kill gielinor instead.

    Also I killed Nomad and Sliske took the body away (ugh hello annoying wight in later quests) what happens if you let Nomad live?

    Does killing/sparing Nomad alter the World Guardian joining the score board or your score? I got 1 point for a win making me joint 3rd with Sara and Brassica





    Yeah, but that's actually a pretty sizable chunk of the forum's active population

    Yes, this would be the issue sadly.


    To be brutally honest, all forums I've been a part of since early 2000s have bled a ton of users to social media and specialized discussion formats. There is nothing Tip.it could have done.


    It's like complaining no one uses Usenet (outside of piracy) anymore. Or mailing lists are becoming obsolete with issue trackers and other tools...


    Discussion formats evolve with advances in technology. It's simple as that.


     Lies I say lies!


    Clearly when technology and social media move forward it is 100% the specific communities failing that their format dies out. Everything can live on if you believe! 


    Now excuse me whilst I go back to my lively MSN and AIM group convos whilst browsing Myspace and Bebo and updating my Geocities blog.

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    The fact you could make giant profits by buying from ge and selling to gen store due to jagex over-valuing item was obviously not intentional and therefore a bug.

    People abused said bug and got banned for it.

    There is no risk of being banned for playing new content - the only risk is if you are dumb enough to go out of your way to exploit something that is very obviously too good to be true.



    Making big gains in short time is not something that can indicate ban.

    1. Recently jagex relased new skill. Some people had 200m xp after couple of days, XP rates were abnormally high. No one was banned.

    2. "too good to be true" is very subjective. For players with 10m gp:  5m gp/s is high For marchanter with phats and 2,1b it will not be as high. 

    3. Power creep is how jagex handle game. Every content is better than previous.


    Just because you have previously been able to sell to stores doesn't magically negate the fact it was very obvious that it was not intended for players to be able to make giant cash stacks for doing nothing pretty much.


    If something was 100% legit in past then players should be safe to asume it is safe with new content. Otherwise every new content could give you ban.  



    1) Invention is a tricky one. You could argue they should've done bans or a roll back quite legitimately but at the same time it does have some key differences.

    First up being players sunk items and money into getting that xp, they weren't generating wealth from nothing so it does have a slightly different context.

    Secondly being the aim of invention was to sink items and it did do that quite well.

    Plus of course it would be a death warrant for the game if they went and banned half of the most high profile players and equally would really ruin invention (more than they did anyway) for everyone if they rolled us all back to day 1 once they spotted the mistake.


    2) On no planet is paying a couple of hundred gp at ge and then walking over to gen store and getting 2.1k anything other than too good to be true. Especially when they item stacks enabling you to take pretty much as many of the item as u can possible afford in 1 go.

    It was like 1000% return rate, that is too good to be true.


    3) Power creep is a feature of updates, it is not a feature of limited time promotions designed to award a few cosmetics.


    And no players should not assume making 1000% returns is legit just because you could previously sell items to a store.

    If you went to a cash machine irl and it started spewing out all the notes inside it at you would you just take them all and go "well cash machines gave me money before so there's nothing wrong here"?

    No, you'd recognise something wasn't working right and it shouldn't be giving you all that money.


    By all means if you find old content that is giving you 1000% returns go nuts, it's been there and while and nothings happened to it. But when it's brand new content and it's giving absurdly good profits for not really doing anything you should be able to think huh, this probably isn't working right.

  5. I don't see much to discuss in this one.


    The fact you could make giant profits by buying from ge and selling to gen store due to jagex over-valuing item was obviously not intentional and therefore a bug.

    People abused said bug and got banned for it.


    Just because you have previously been able to sell to stores doesn't magically negate the fact it was very obvious that it was not intended for players to be able to make giant cash stacks for doing nothing pretty much.

    Anyone with a bit of common sense could see that being able to make millions or even billions for no effort due to there street value being hugely lower than store value was not intentional behaviour of the content. 


    There is no risk of being banned for playing new content - the only risk is if you are dumb enough to go out of your way to exploit something that is very obviously too good to be true.

    And it's not like jagex banned people who happened to get a few souls and dump them in store - it was people who intentionally went out of their way to buy souls and dump in store for massive profits despite the fact it was very obviously broken.


    What you can be banned for is discovering something that is so op in terms of getting something for nothing that it is obviously not intentional then actively going out of your way to keep doing it.


    I vote Jennifer garner as a wild card

    I try to keep this thing relevant. We ain't in 2001, you know.



    It's a good job Jennifer Garner isn't in '01 then.

    She's done 18 films in 02-15, with 3 more due out this year - and some of them are quite big/well known films such as Juno and Dallas Buyers Club

    Not to mention she was in Alias for 01-06, which she won a Golden Globe for in '05


    If anything in terms of international relevance she has more traction than Cheryl Fernadez-Versini - she's had a couple of British albums that haven't performed all that well and appeared as a judge on a reality tv show, again brit only.

  7. Sorry for the long wait, I actually had to test it out myself as people weren't sure. There is no difference between augmented weaponry/armour that has a perk attached to it or not.


    In my experience I feel like those without perk level up a bit slower than those with a perk, which would impact xp rates indirectly.

  8. Have we ever gotten any confirmation that he's already a god ? Can't remember really ...


    We got confirmation of the exact opposite.


    After FOTG when ou can go to the citadel and Sliske appears and gives you the ability to see into the shadow realm all the time (aka perma ring of visibility) you are allowed to ask him one question:

    1. "Are you a god?" - No and nor does he wish to be, although he claims to have the same powers as The World Guardian.
    2. "Whose idea was it to kill Guthix? – No one, but he felt that it needed to be done and that it would have been requested of him sooner or later.
    3. "Do you have the Stone of Jas?" – Yes and yes, although he has only used the stone for knowledge and not power.
    4. "What are your plans?" – To start the God Wars anew, although to what end he does not say.
    5. "What... is your favourite colour?" – Blue and green, but if he had to pick one: aquamarine.
  9. Glad they have made steps to fix it and level up + siphon is now viable training.


    But what the hell happened in QA/balancing to let it get to live game in a state where it needed a 1800% xp increase, coupled with the 25% decrease to time taken to level items up yesterday to make it viable!?!


    I mean sure balancing being off and things being shifted by some percents is expected, but one thousand eight hundred percent? Holy cow.

  10. What amazes me is jmods on twitter saying it was better received than expected.


    Like where was your bar set? Did you bury it and fully expect everyone to hate it?


    Also dear god please don;t let jagex release more stats on how people enjoy things like their "99% of players enjoy sof because they use it everyday" like it had nothing to do with a flashing button that would not go away if u didnt use it.



    Anyway that aside I hit 2715 (virtual) total level and the game congratulated me for hitting max total level, so I'm totally re-comped and can leave this horror behind now right? right?

  11. In my experience which sub-forum a thread is in means absolutely nothing to it dying or not.


    A good thread will flourish wherever it is put, the reason this thread died is simply because people are not that interested in it - we don't want to be negative and whine and look back and say 'what if' and join your perpetual pity party of boohoo everything is ruined that you drag around to every thread. I mean it's not like you thread didn't get viewed - people looked and then left without posting because it did not interest them.


    We want to look forward to what is to come and enjoy what is happening now.


    Don't go trying to drag a good mod doing their job right down or imply there is some huge systemic flaw with the forum just because your thread died due to lack of interest.

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  12. Wow with a cpu running at 82C I'm surprised your laptop hasn't killed itself already!


    Good temps are room temperature or lower - ie 22C down

    Decent temps are up to around 35C

    Running a game decent temps run up to about 45C

    45-60C is okay, but not brilliant.

    60C+ is um this is getting a bit iffy, should be okay but best not to run this hot too long.

    80C+ is dear lord panic, panic now things might start melting.


    I do hope those specs were taken after trying to run RS and not just like web browsing easy stuff.

  13. Kinda why after my main got banned I stopped playing RS. 25% of the reason I played was for end-level content and 75% was the social aspect. By the time I left in 2011, my friends list was deserted.


    The name-change ability from 2009 was the beginning of the end. I started playing MW2, by then if i quit for three or four months I'd barely recognize my friends list. I have nothing against higher exp rates, but RS3 takes it too far. The reason people left for CoD/LoL et al. was because these games didn't require MASSIVE time investment to play high level content. When there wasn't much late game content it's not too bad, but now low level/mid level content is deserted as swathes have left.. It's not fun playing on your own in much less populated worlds compared to before. Another example of when Jagex's inaction to a changing gaming market has hurt them. The good thing about OSRS is it  has features which people wanted in 2007, more developer interaction and more bosses while keeping familiarity*. Also Micro transactions (non cosmetic) is BS  <_<



    *Yes I know EOC was in beta for a long time. However many RS players return after prolonged period out. A player from 2011 will struggle to transition to RS3. A player from 2006 rejoining in 2011 wouldn't find it so hard. 


    I think it is horribly flawed to suggest that OSRS some how 'keeps familiarity' when RS3 does not - both are mmorpg with regular updates so OSRS is moving away from the familiar ground that returning players would know in the same was RS3 has. Not to mention the idea that OSRS has 'more bosses' is daft, RS3 has plenty of new boss mobs too.


    And it's not like the new combat system can be used as a 'keeps players away' thing any more when there is legacy combat mode, momentum, revolution and preset hotbars all of which help people transition from the old to the new system if they wish too and, unlike at launch, people understand the new combat now so there is plenty of guides and info out there to tell you whats what instead of everyone being like OMG 20 MILLION NEW THINGS TO CLICK.


    Also how does it make sense that you think RS3 having higher xp rates has gone "too far" yet in the next sentence you take issue with it being a "massive time investment" to reach end-game content? You can't have lower xp rates AND  smaller time investment they are kind opposite ends of the scale.


    Also I don't see how in one breath you moan Jagex has been inactive to the changing game market and in the next moan about microtransactions - the biggest change to the games market as a whole these past 2 or 3 years is the move towards microtransactions and Jagex has made that move without completely selling out to a pay-to-win structure. (I mean yes bonds let you buy gp which lets you buy good gear, but it's not as direct or as op as some games do and arguably we could all buy gold already just not within the rules)

  14. Well let's be honest here. In the case of RS, efficiency usually means minimizing time spent doing unpleasant activities. Once efficiency became popular, the playerbase really began to realize how unpleasant most of the activities in RS are. At its core, RS really isn't a "fun" game... It's a game about grinding and goal-setting.


    Like, if I think about some of the most fun games I've ever played, the last thing I want to do is approach the game in such a way that the game is over as quickly and easily as possible. If anything, I want to enjoy every moment of the game since once the game ends, my fun ends as well.


    I always view Runescape kinda of like golf.

    I enjoy playing it for for prolonged periods. but the ultimate objective of the game is spend the least amount of time playing it you can.

  15. Erm


    Raw Anchovies cost 19gp ge price

    Cooked Anchovies are 14gp ge price


    Your numbers suggested you paid 60gp per raw anchovie.


    Good luck making any profit there.


    Edit: Just saw it says osrs

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