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  1. 2 noob, haven't been here for long enough to make 30 blogs. :o
  2. I wish you the best of luck mate. Remember to get an inv to the HYT Clan, so you can take part of the Clan Citadels! :)
  3. Aezr is another acc o,o What about Ouri? :) Gl man, I'll add Aezr too and we can talk yeah ^.^
  4. I tried it once. unless you're like 60 agil it'll take months to run around o.o Good job on your acc! <3
  5. I have tried basically every form of playtype. Pure, main, skiller, def pure, other pures, but not every type of pk pure, and I'm glad I haven't. DIYing seems like the funniest way, since you have to work for your levels, rather than just 'oh hey dude, I got a few ags and claws pks last week, if I get one more AGS sometime soon, I can sell it all and buy 95 pray, TURM FTW!!!' :) Thx guise.
  6. Thanks, and yeah :\ My sister was on her way over there, but when it blew she went home. Also, they've found 92 and still counting, dead teenagers from that island on and around the island.
  7. Welcome to my DIY thread! You'll follow my journey as a DIY'er, and we'll hopefully become friends. My name is 'Mewstick', feel free to add me.l [spoiler=Real Life Info]My real life name is Runar. I'm from Norway, and I'm 15 in about a month. I go to a Christian school, but I don't take school too serious. This year I approach 10th grade, a year I HAVE to take serious. I love to play different games, and I share an Xbox with my lil bro. But since he got his own Ps3, I hope to buy him out of this Xbox, with the cash I get for my birthday. My Xbox GT is Runar4NDSondre, feel free to add me. My favorite music type is Rap/Hip-Hop. I actually love any genre, and I listen to most music. I love Mac Miller, he is a great artist. I also enjoy Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Lil Chuckee, Lil Twist, a few others. My favorite food is Lasagne, omnom. I play basketball, and I hope to improve my skills this year. [spoiler=Runescape Career]I've played Runescape since '05. On a accounts, I made my first acc in 2005, and I then changed it's password to something I did not know. recovering it failed hard, so I made a new acc in 2007 /meaning I played the first acc till 07\, that I still consider my main. I've tried pretty much everything, and now it's time to try DIYing. I got a lot of friends that bot. Everything I can do about it is to tell them it sucks, because I've never botted, and I never will. You may not believe me, but I don't care cause I know what's true. [spoiler=Goals] I want this one, to start out. [spoiler=Level Up's]None D: My DIY Rules The following are the rules I play by as a DIY character: 1. I will never trade with any player, unless needed to complete a quest (Shield of Arrav / Heroes). 2. I will never use the Grand Exchange (Buying OR Selling). 3. I will never give assistance, or accept assistance for any reason. 4. All Dungeoneering must be completed solo. 5. I will never lend, or receive a loaned item. 6. I will never play any minigame that I can't solo (No PC, SC, BA, CW, etc). 7. I will never pick up other player's dropped items * 8. I won't rely on any other player for doing D&Ds. (Example: I will only do penguins if I see them myself on my travels, and won't actively hunt them) *Note: If someone happens to drop a party hat, or other cosmetic item, I will pick it up, but will never sell it. Because these items wouldn't help me gain levels in any way, I don't see this as a deterrance from being DIY. I ASKED 'EFFIGY' FOR PERMISSION TO 'COPY' HIS RULES OVER TO MY G&A, BECAUSE I THINK THESE RULES ARE WELL DISPLAYED. LINK TO EFFIGY'S G&A -> EFFIGY's G&A
  8. Yeah but I've used the G.E and stuff. :( I'll just give all my stuff to a friend later, or to some random, then start over. :)
  9. Would it be wrong to turn into a DIY'er now? I've used the G.E as you can see, to buy 60 cook and smith, but I haven't used it for much more than that... I got like 400k from a friend in my bank, but if it wouldn't be wrong, I could give all my stuff away, except for like 1k iron ores and 120 gold ores I've mined myself in the last few days. A simple NO would help me, no need to get all emotional for me asking if it would be wrong if I went over to DIYIng now, since I've.. pretty much broken any rule a DIYer can break D:
  10. enjoy smithing. Almost 51 mining, deciding to go for 75 :D
  11. Jeez, chill out bro, have you never had a typo when typing? It's not cool to get flamed just for that. This sucks bro, with your stats, it might be a good idea to kill those dwarfs that drop Dragon Pickaxes? :) I hope you're lucky if you do.
  12. Nice progress man! I wish I made my current acc a DIYer, but I've used the G.E for a few skills, sadly :( also I got 1m from a friend in the early stages. Dang.
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