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  1. No longer updating daily bbecause some days i dont play much, ill update where it fits
  2. Congratz! Runecraft in my opinion is one of the most fun skills, 2nd best cape. GL with getting the rest of your 99's :)
  3. Great Guide Sonic! I remember when I first started this skill and I had no clue what I was doing.
  4. Day Three Got quite alot of screenshots today so I'll break them down into spoilers. Been quite a successful day. [spoiler=Screenshot Categories][spoiler=Quests] [spoiler=Combat] 19 Prayer + 400 Total Milestone [spoiler=Skills] [spoiler=Daily Levels + XP Comparrison]35,913 More Than Yesterday +15 Attack +19 Strength +15 Defence +8 Range +16 Prayer +19 Magic +11 Constitution +20 Crafting +4 Mining +127 Total Level How to safespot a cow with a cow Please check back tommorow! :)
  5. Day Two Today was ok. lol. I didnt end up doing mining, instead I bought 5k Runes essence and crafted that into Earths. It got me 38 Runecrafting. I made almost 9k Earth Runes and made about 100k (5K Rune Ess cost me 100k) I havent gained too many levels, cos man RC is so slow. Just me getting 300 Total Level Milestone Skills - Day Two: +2 Attack +38 Runecrafitng + 7 Mining + 1 Constitution +47 Total Level My XP Counter after Day Two (33,824 more than yesterday) Thats All For Today. Please check back tommorow after I've done some combat. :)
  6. Good luck with your crafting, I didnt realise how hard of a skill rc was.
  7. I read some of the training methods. I cant remember many, I have some of my journey planned. I wont be on RS tonight though. Tommorows will only be a short thing :S Thanks for reading though mate you inspired me
  8. http://forum.tip.it/topic/298847-resourcedws-100-f2p-maxed-blog/page__gopid__4961536#entry4961536 please check out my blog :)
  9. Day One I have already got 50 fishing and cooking before today but today i achived 50 Woodcutting and 50 Firemaking. My screenshot messed up for Woodcutting but heres Firemaking These are my current stats: And my XP Counter: [spoiler=Stats Left To 50]Mining Smithing Attack Strength Defence Ranged Magic Prayer Constitution Runecrafting Crafting Dungeoneering Next I'll be working on mining so should be 50 by tommorow lol. Cya
  10. Intro Hey guys Iv'e been playing runescape on and off now for a while. I saw levine's 100% f2p maxed blog and he inspired me to take a shot at it too so here I am. I wont stay f2p for all of it though but that means I have more skillls to max. And a very big goal I want to try is 100m+ RC XP inP2P I will try to post everyday. Obviously this is quite a big goal so I have split it into manageable chunks Homeworld: 80 Feel free to PM me ingame RSN:ResourceDW Please join CC too GOALS 50+ All Stats 70+ All Stats 99 All Stats 50m+ RC XP (P2P) 120 Dungeoneering Quest Cape All Tasks Complete Santa Hat Thanks.
  11. Gz on 91 attack, your blog is really intresting im starting one later tonight influenced by levine's blog and your blog, I got the idea of what im doing from him and i love your blog format of how you post the days like Day One Mind if i use it?
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