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  1. New list for up and coming games that are in closed/open delta/alpha/beta


    Peria Chronicles 
    Icarus Online 
    Project Sheep (asker online)
    Bless online
    Kingdom Under Fire 2 
    Black Desert Online 
    Closers online 
    Soul Worker Online 
    Phantasy Star Online 2 
    lost ark
    maplestory 2
    moonlight blade
    inspirit online
    revelation online
    triad wars
    civilization online
    tree of savior
    ghost in the shell online
    fables legends
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  2. I've been trying to find a good hack n slash mmorpg that has nice gameplay as well as nice graphics. I am willing to pay money but i want to be sure that I'll be playing the game for a couple months. I'm trying to get an mmorpg that is similar to dynasty warriors, that has very repetitive but fun and flowing gameplay.



    I'm also looking for things like endgame content, multi-player gameplay(unless it has really nice solo gameplay), and a large community.



    Here's some mmorpg's that i've already tried but wasnt really a fan of


    -Dungeons and Dragons Online

    -Dungeon Fighter Online

    -Eden Eternal


    -Fallen Earth

    -Grand Chase

    -Infestation: Survivor Stories

    -Lucent Heart


    -Marvel Heroes

    -Path of Exile

    -Perfect World

    -Ragnorak 2

    -Scarlet Blade


    -World of Warcraft


    Here's some mmorpg's that were sort of interesting to me


    -Age of Wushu

    -Drakensang Online

    -Hero of the Obelisk


    -Torch Light 2

    -Torch Light

    -War of Immortals


    Here are some mmorpg's that I really liked


    -Blade and Soul

    -Continent of the Ninth Seal


    -Diablo 3

    -Diablo 2



    -MU Online




    There are a couple more that I've tried out, but i can't remember all of them.


    Also here's some upcoming mmorpg's that I'd like to share with you, and if you know of any others please share!



    -Archlord 2

    -Bless Online

    -Closers Online

    -Core Blaze

    -Everquest Next

    -Slage Online

  3. The extra 1 to 2 seconds are vital after the game of soul wars is over, and to have a screen in your face that says "CONGRATULATIONS heres your 50th piece of hybrid armor!" and NOT being able to move is annoying. Not only that you lose an extra slot in your inventory for the next game(implying you can even get into next game after the screen pops up).

    They really need to have like a rewards box for minigames like this or something like domion tower.

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