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  1. And lets not forget how upset he was when he missed the daily herblore record last bxp
  2. ppl are saying jabberwokky (spelling?) got 2 day auto ban for botting
  3. Not saying he botted osrs, the responses that some people got when they appealed the ban implied that the offences were a long time ago.
  4. He was banned in a wave that included about ~150 maxed players, most of the people who have come forward that have been banned have said the reason was for botting (although atm they are all denying it...i personally don't believe them) this is all that has been said so far
  5. Inb4 lolz u make more than that in an hour doing other methods therefore not efficient, scaped.
  6. hes sitll on highscores *looks at date
  7. We even got a sticky saying it was not in our right to decide who and who couldn't be on the hlf and that every maxed player was welcome ;)
  8. According to some data somepont posted on forums of buying spins on the slayer lamp weekend it would cost about 6000 euro ( i think thats the currency the meant when they said the bought the 100 one)
  9. SUOMI is seriously losing the plot haha, his latest videos are just him rambling about non sense and how his [kitty] cat caused his noob account to get banned
  10. suomi i mean, in the video he never shows the evidence of the mute because its "some hardcore stuff, x -rated"
  11. I'd imagine we can't put the video directly here because it contains heavily sexualised content. It's still up, a quick Google search would find it. I know Suomi visits this board, but for what my advice is worth; just remove the videos. Yes you look a little bit humbled and your pride takes a knock, but believe me it's a far better option than letting this go on and having everyone put their noses where it's not belonged. He never says exactly what its for, just that its x-rated material
  12. I dont think many of us see it as a small issue, and you have to remember that is not even how suomi felt he was joking *cough*, his actual stance is "Love you so much Jagex, thank you so much for this amazing game."
  13. Even if they invite him again it would be so very awkward, definitely wouldn't go haha
  14. Still trying to defend your actions lmfao. The things u say you DO NOT see anywhere in the community, some of your comments are utterly repulsive. Stop pretending like you didnt want to celebrate, you are just trying to save face.
  15. I think this has surpassed the point of being a joke..
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