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    Poetry, writing, blogging, photography, digital manipulation and drawing. And Runescape!

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About Me

Openminded (at least I like to think I am smile.gif ), "digital" and literal thinker, started scaping in November 2005.

Besides scaping I practise playing my guitar every day (started that just before the holidays in 2011). Furthermore I love to write and read poetry, write blogs, I enjoy photography and drawing and digital photo-manipulation.

My pictures and drawing and stuff can be spotted at my picasa: https://picasaweb.go...455050922171206.


I work as software enigineer and ict consultant and specialize in Oracle databases and Oracle classic tools (mostly Oracle Designer/Developer suite). Besides Oracle I know my way around VB, php, html, javascript, perl and some older than old languages as traditional 2gl basic and assembly.


By the way: you can find me on twitter and facebook, just send me a pm if you wanna know my username to connect.wink.gif

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