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    Is what? The idea is what? You didn't complete your thought. :P


    Attain Quest Cape upon completion of all quests.

    Once a new quest comes out it untrims the cape.

    Needs to complete newest quest to re-trim the cape.



    I think the point was his sentence structure was that of the idea of x is y, but he only went as far as the idea of x.



    I interpreted it as: He has an idea (x) and it works like this (y).


    Was there anything wrong with his sentence? I understood it just fine before I read miss_kozlow's. Then I had to re-read it and still, it made perfect sense. Not that I agree that quest cape should act that way but still, I don't think there was anything. Also your x and y's dont make any sense.


    He says you get a trimmed quest cape once you complete all quests. Once a new quest comes out, it turns into untrimmed one. If you want to trim it again you need to finish all the new quests.

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    It'd have to involve a consumable to make it similar to overloads, though, not just a free passive you unlock at certain levels. An example could be the marks of grace in OSRS, obtained from running agility courses.

    Why not high prestigeous unlock and subsequent levels increase proc rate?


    higher agi = higher chance to deal critical hits?
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