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  1. How did you get hacked? what kind of websites were you on?
  2. How else would someone start playing?
  3. I got 2 medium XP lamps, free 12k summoning xp And do the XP lamps seriously have to be members only? Are jagex really that greedy?
  4. They need to make charged and uncharged glories tradeable on the Grand Exchange for F2P players, most members use the fury so it wouldn't really matter...
  5. They need to keep the Master Farmer's house door open :wink:
  6. Maybe there could also be a noted magic log reward to trade your points in for
  7. Why is this topic abandoned? Here is something to discuss... On sunday they are going to possibly reveal a new game!
  8. turtle drink

    I AM thread

    I am a person who is getting a rapier this weekend :)
  9. Granted, there is now a huge crack in the screen instead. I wish they brought out Pokemon series DVDs here in the UK :/
  10. CYCLEBREAKER Would you rather get 120 dungeoneering using only random people from world 117, or lose your entire bank on RuneScape?
  11. ...the grammar nazis will get ya It's not smart to bring only super antifires to dragons and no teleports because...
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