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  1. ive installed the top 3 things recommended on this page: http://www.swiftkit.net/index.php?page=downloads here is the debug: [7/31/2018 9:05:40 PM] Starting up...[7/31/2018 9:05:41 PM] Starting up...launcher version is 1.65.30[7/31/2018 9:05:41 PM] App data folder path is C:\ProgramData\SwiftKit[7/31/2018 9:05:41 PM] Checking folder structure[7/31/2018 9:05:41 PM] Attempt to set browser emulation[7/31/2018 9:05:41 PM] Check if drive is NTFS[7/31/2018 9:05:41 PM] Drive is NTFS so set required permisions[7/31/2018 9:05:41 PM] Finished setting permissions[7/31/2018 9:05:41 PM] Starting cleanup[7/31/2018 9:05:41 PM] Variables set[7/31/2018 9:05:41 PM] Delete all temp files[7/31/2018 9:05:41 PM] Delete all temp folders[7/31/2018 9:05:41 PM] exiting cleanup temp data[7/31/2018 9:05:41 PM] Finished cleaning up temp data[7/31/2018 9:05:41 PM] Initialize finished[7/31/2018 9:05:46 PM] Launch button was pressed[7/31/2018 9:05:46 PM] Get a setting from somewhere[7/31/2018 9:05:46 PM] Connecting[7/31/2018 9:05:46 PM] Update server responded, download update file[7/31/2018 9:05:46 PM] Got our update file, now decode it[7/31/2018 9:05:46 PM] Update file decoded, now read it...[7/31/2018 9:05:46 PM] Check versions[7/31/2018 9:05:46 PM] Checking file - SwiftKit(Install)[Caution: Executable File][7/31/2018 9:05:46 PM] Checking file - SwiftKit[Caution: Executable File][7/31/2018 9:05:46 PM] Checking file - ExePatcher[Caution: Executable File][7/31/2018 9:05:46 PM] Checking file - LaVolpeAlphaImg.ocx[7/31/2018 9:05:46 PM] Checking file - SwiftKit-RS[Caution: Executable File][7/31/2018 9:05:48 PM] CRITICAL ERROR YO[7/31/2018 9:05:48 PM] 9 - Subscript out of range
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