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  1. Shouldve bought dayz when it was on sale for -15%, thought it would go down a bit more but nooooo :( full price it is then
  2. 12 games bought atm and I cant stop, why you do this steam
  3. tentacle themed abilities? k
  4. Thanks for that Kamil, I've tried soo many different layouts and yours is like perfect.
  5. 25 done and got 60k loyalty. Claw and shield override kinda pointless and ugly. Is there something more for 30/30 tasks?
  6. That would require actually playing the game so I doubt any of the jmods have 200m or close to that.
  7. Seems like this is indeed a 100k loyalty month :'), got 10k for completing 15th.
  8. DId on some random world alone, put gold ores from bank and done.
  9. Tried 2 floors of hard mode and will probably not do them ever again. Warps are a mess with reborns. 5:5
  10. I'm a calm person but sagas managed to grind several of my gears already on threes company. I really hope they change it to just talking to someone after all 100%.
  11. Just added some colours to the picture otherwise it would look dull :p
  12. Something I posted on hlf item guessing thread. Thought I'd share it wif you guys.
  13. Think I have a bigger chance of winning a lottery atm than getting a pot door. Somad
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