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  1. You really gonna go for 200m all on 07 scape? :D
  2. When the Evolution of combat came out on november 20th, jagex added new monster weaknesses. If you don't use the monsters weakness against it you will have a large disadvantage. Zammy is weak to fire spells, so use fire surge. Ganodermic is the second best mage armor, virtus is the best, but I believe virtus is 200m+ right now. So yeah, for zammy just go in mage gear, use fire surge and abilities while having soulsplit on, you will hardly ever need to heal. As for bandos, currently the best method I have used is to dharok him. I usually get down to around 2-3k lp and get amazing hits and he is dead in no time. Again, pray soulsplit if your health is getting too low. Hope I helped a bit :)
  3. Well I heard that the zaryte bow will be great for slayer in eoc, and I heard it is around 125m right now. I'm wondering if I should go and buy it or should I wait till after eoc is released (will price go even higher or go down??)
  4. I sold my bandos and bought veracs, was that a good choice, or should I buy it back?
  5. Was away all weekend so I didn't get much done, but I have been doing some dung today and I'm hoping to get a rapier tomorrow :)
  6. Got 85 slayer yesterday, (two effigy drops and troll invasion helped out!) Got another effigy today and I'm about 210k from 86 slayer right now.
  7. Decided to start up a slayer tab today, this is what I have so far in it! Hoping to get 85 slayer on Thursday, I have about 130k xp to go!
  8. Alright guys, so I'm going to be trying to keep this as updated as I can :) A little bit about me, I'm 14 years old, and I started playing Runescape in may 2012. Before I played runescape I played Minecraft for two years before that, and call of duty mw2 for 1 year before that. I have a lot of spare time, and have managed to achieve a 1950+ total in six months. If I continue at this rate, I should be able to max around the end of 2013 (Skills like hunter, fishing and dung get much faster at higher levels). Stats at the start of thread: Current Stats: My first 99's came in this order: Firemaking Prayer Herblore Fletching I'm the type of person who likes to grind out a 99 at one time, I don't like just getting a few levels then not leveling it for weeks :) 99's I'm currently going for: I hope to get 99 slayer in January or Febuary. Strength will be trained while training slayer. ------------------------ I am trying to get 80 dungeoneering for a chaotic rapier to help while training slayer, and for pvm. I'll be getting 99 dungeoneering as my last 99 because daily challenges will greatly speed it up. So thats all for now, I'll update this thread when I gain some more levels :) Hope you enjoyed reading, and if you have any suggestions please let me know!
  9. So I decided to get 99 slayer, and I'm currently just finishing up 95 prayer and 90 herb. I want to get a chaotic but I'm not sure if the time spent will equal the time saved... My current setup is: Head: Full Slayer Helmet Neck: Amulet of Fury Chest: Bandos chestplate Pants: Bandos tassets Boots: Dragon boots Cape: Skillcape Ring: Beserker ring Weapon: Whip/Saradomin Sword So yeah, with that setup would I be alright just keeping my current weapons? Or will it really help me out getting a rapier. Also if 25m is enough to leech to 80 dung let me know :)
  10. Two friends of mine and I were thinking of going to bandos. I was wondering if our stats would be okay. We are all around 80/80/80 and have 68 summoning. We are also lvl 110. I'm also getting 95 prayer in the next few days So yeah would we even be able to kill bandos? Or would we just get wrecked.
  11. J L 1


    So I have around 38m to spend and I was wondering what herblore level that would get me too. I'd be using medium cost methods. My current herblore level is like 40 (basically no xp so I'm like starting from scratch). Thanks in advance.
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