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    Got some very solid stats there, keep at it! And although I'm a little late congratulations on putting a ring on it!


    Don't worry you aren't late, the ring is purchased, the proposal hasn't happened yet :)

    Hello Kind Sire!


    Major gratz on putting (or planning to anyway) a ring on it! I did the same in April of this year, we are getting married in August 2014. This together with the fact we bought our first home and I was finishing up school has been the reason I have not been playing at all. Just logged in today, last log in was 296 days ago. :) I think it will take me another 6 months or up to a year before I got everything in order enough to return to the game. But anyway, good job on all your progress, especially the ring deal! 

  2. If they haven't changed it since POP came out, then regardless of full/empty inv, ibis always drops on floor, but you do get a notification. I only got one piece from 77-90 there, so don't be too intent on finding them.


    IDK why you would bank anything there, use a scepter, rescharge, only keep gold items. Also 150-170k/h is perfectly regular, i was getting these xprates on my way to 90 as well.

  3. AHK is what I did this weekend








    Move your mouse to the correct place, and randomly keep hitting enter on your separate, wireless numpad, while watching TV.


    Rinse, repeat for infity and beyond for geepees and success.


    Of course I did not get anywhere near 250k xp/h, with only 1 piece of ibis and gloves of silence, I was averaging 210k xp/h, while using aura it seemed to be less, all 3 times I used my greater five fingers is got 200-203k xp.

  4. Oh POP how i loathe you sometimes.

    Waited for ages to get enough plates to make tetsu superior legs and plates. Made superior Plate, closes interface, opens interface again makes legs - but lo and behold, makes regular tetsu legs. I swear POP armour and scrimshaw interfaces are retarded as [bleep]. Now I will have a solid 3 month to get myself a pair of superior legs.

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  5. If you've got maul & royal xbow I'd be happy for you to come along to KK or Nex tbh :)

    You'd need either range/melee chest&legs switches or void + rage/melee helms so you don't lose too much accuracy.


    One you get used to mage orbs you don't really take much damage at kalphite king so inventory space isnt really an issue anyway :)


    Considering I can get either tetsu+arma switch or elite void, what would you rather have me with? (I would need to get void range helm, but that's not a problem)

  6. I finally got my trip for my remaining last 2 plates for my superior tetsu legs and plate, 2 more scrolls for seaisnger hood and I am set with armour. At the moment I am just getting resources for all my port upgrades, warehouses etc.


    After that I will probably need to get rocktail soup, because I am already maxed on spice, which sucks, all that xpwaste.

  7. I do updates on Thursdays, after I finish work. Stop harassing me about it.

    Meh..whatevs, I'll see you bemad on Monday, when I ask about new week's update


    Thanks for the weekly update, was awesome as usually!

    Hey, Horatio, Did you hear that S U O M I wasn't mentioned in Aussie's latest Top15-update?


    - Yeah ( •_•)


    - Looks like that he ( •_•)>⌐■-■


    - is Finnished for good (⌐■_■)



    ^^That was absolutely EPIC

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