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  1. Hey there, I've been working primarily on Hunter on my new account (It being self sufficient and all), and having grinded with gritted teeth through the very slow levels of 1 - 37, was wondering how I should best train next? I'm currently 47 Hunter and doing Falconry, but was wondering is Orange Salamanders or something other would be the best way to reach level 60. Cheers. :wink:
  2. The alternate option is untradeable rares as holiday items, one supposes.
  3. Still here, we just don't tend to notice them. Don't get out of bed for anything less than a 6.0. :P
  4. Woo, another kiwi. :razz: From Auckland, or just suffering it staunchly?
  5. Rats, no more bluffing with Ancients at the duel arena :(
  6. I'd be more than interested in helping you out with that in terms of Fletching/WCing. Feel free to flick me a PM.
  7. True that, but without FtP, I'm unsure if there's a significant market for cow hides :3 I'm thinking TT & HAM might be best. Iirc, God Pages were rewards from Easy clues exclusively back then? Edit: derp, thought you meant collecting cow hides.
  8. Bah, you're on to my cunning MTA plan. :razz: While those two items are the obvious, once the economy picks up, it will be far more profitable to grind Infinity Boots (best Magic stats in the game) as an endgame item. On the flip side, I think Crafting will be huge, so an obvious is just grinding out 70 or 80 with Flax & Bowstrings. :wink:
  9. Well, I'm back from my prolonged break ~ excited at the prospect of the legacy servers. I resubscribed in order to vote, and am just waiting for my PIN to reset in order to get back to Farm Runs, daily challenges and casual skilling. :wink: I'm, uh, sure you all missed me greatly. :3>
  10. Also, frankly, the quality of players in a lot of the major PVP clans is horrendous (I'm thinking particularly about the 'pure' world here) ~ it's an utter cesspool of macroing, ingrained rivalries and stupidity.
  11. That it is. Though, looking through RS Wiki at release dates made me realise what fantastic content Jagex had released over the last five years; much though there's a lot I dislike. The big losses for me will be the Distractions & Diversions, as I did thoroughly enjoy Strange Rocks, Evil Trees, Star Hunting and Penguins. The other thing is the minigames, content which I very much enjoy, especially GoP. :cry: I do thoroughly hope they remain firm on not importing rare items or levels.
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