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  1. Everyone should vote yes tbh. Even if you don't want to play it you should still vote yes for the people that do.
  2. Wasn't on much yesterday, did abit of fishing and cooking. Going to do some more fishing and cooking today and a ton of questing :D
  3. Congratulations on D slayer, add me ingame when you get the chance :)
  4. I'm back guys, got some good news and bad news. The good news is my monitor has finally been fixed after 2 months. Lets just say I wont be putting my can of coke ontop of the monitor again.. The bad news is that its been that long I have forgot my email login to DIY Adam, so I made a new one today which is a shame because DIY Adam was coming along great. None of the less I'm going to carry on fresh. I re-added all my friends. My RSN atm is "Rune Pickhax" but I will be changing it on the 11th of next month :)
  5. Thank you! Today I'm going to start slayer hopefully I will get 60 attack :P
  6. Just my luck, worse rewards on the vyre burning drop table and I got them... Only killed 3 Vyres as they take me around 4 minutes per kill, I'll do more of them when I'm higher stats so for now more Temple Trekking!
  7. Got 49 Magic for the quest, as I killed the last Tzhaar-Ket it dropped a obby shield! So lucky :D
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